Friday, March 20, 2009

Painting A Face Part Two

Thank you all so much for viewing my video. I just love hearing from you about it. So, here is more starting where part one left off.

The color that I'm using is Golden heavy body Transparent Red Iron Oxide and Titanium White. I am painting on cardboard that I have collaged papers on and added a light layer of gesso before painting.

Enjoy and expect part three. Wish me time to paint this weekend because I'm planning on it and you know I'll show you when I do.


  1. Hi Sharon,
    I'm really enjoying your videos....I'm learning a lot, thank you for taking the time to share this.
    Have a good week-end and I hope you get time to paint.


  2. It is such fun to see you paint. I am in awe of the fact that you are using one brush and two colors. I have a lot to learn and your video is a wonderful tutorial.
    I look forward to number three...and more :)

  3. I'm so surprised that this is your first video. You are doing a fantastic job and I have to tell you that it's one of my favorite step-by-step videos I've seen yet. I love that you are doing it in real time and aren't speeding it up like everyone else does. I'd much rather have it like this in several parts and see it in real time so I really get to see what you are doing. Thanks again, for posting these. I'm looking forward to Part 3. :)

  4. I really hoping you have time to paint this week-end. I'm anxiously awaiting your next video.These video's are so well done.

    The print that I ordered from you arrived today and I'm thrilled with her. Love the extras that you sent too. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.


  5. Wonderful tutorial are so generous to share your techniques with us...thankyou.

    Jacky xox

  6. I have completely enjoyed watching you paint Sharon. It is so much fun to see how others do it and everyone has their own way. Can't wait to see her when she's done.

  7. I am so enjoying your videos...they are amazing..hope you get to paint this weekend..

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. The videos are great tutorials, and timely for me. I am about to paint, for the first time, a face on a canvas that I've collaged. I can hardly wait for the third video.

  9. I am enjoying seeing her come together. Haven't tried it yet---I think I'm chicken. But tomorrow is another day!

  10. I have been enjoying the videos of the creation of the beautiful women you paint. The mouth gets my attention as you do beautiful lips. The study and learning of doing these women is such intrique
    to me.

    I was having a personal caniption becaue after the computer fix I could see videos, there had been no adobe installed. so tonight wasan event of specail viewing and learning. It is also very interesting that with the most simple of hair how beautiful the women are.

    What I also learned today was that a painting too small for a frame can have an addtion of paper and then the seam covered with a paper towel that has been taken apart by layers and the colors are there from the painting and the torn towel covers the seam of the addtion to make a seamless looking piece of art. Also learned how to do a transparancy using a roman statue.

    Thank you so much, looking forward to the finish or video 3. So captivating.

    I worry also about geting my mouths too big, seems that Johnny Cash is singing in the background
    "You Big Mouth Woman" Yet, I like that sort of look.

    I go on a bit too much.


  11. No disappointment in video 2, Sharon! Another awesome tutorial. Honestly, it is like seeing a person come to life. I am just in awe. I also have a question about your collage techniques. Are you using mod poge or some other medium? I ask because I am curious as I've used it before and wonder how you get the gesso thin enough to see through to the collage! So much to learn so little time! LOL

  12. Heia!
    I liked your video very well.
    Thank you for sharing your artistic
    with us.
    The painting looks exciting, hope you
    shows us the rest:0)
    Wish you a great weekend.
    Greetings from Norway.

  13. Video 2 has been great. Its fascinating watching you paint. I eagerly await #3.


  14. Very nice and I am sending you some of my time to continue...:) Those wonderful faces with such simple beginnings!

  15. Your video's are so well done and educational. I will be checking back for #3.

    Thanks for all the time and effort you are putting into this.


  16. I am enjoying your videos and learning so much.
    Your work is beautiful.

  17. Sharon, I love watching these videos. It's so helpful and I can see where I need to do things a bit differently. Now to find the time to practice!


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