Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wall Flower Angels

I continue to enjoy show and tell in progress. Nothing changed there. After painting 3 inch little faces last week I was spiraled into the need to paint big and bright.
So on Sunday, I played a little game with myself.
And here is how I started. I confess that I knew I was going to paint three faces and did not want to paint the faces on the canvas.
Hence, the text.
Just being different.
I knew the dresses would be collage down the center.

So the game I played was to work on this canvas for 15 minutes and then go and clean or do laundry or put some of this stuff up or just anything that needed to be done.....
for 15 minutes.
Then back to the painting for 15 minutes.
Pretty tricky because at this stage, it needed to dry a bit.
I won't show the stack of laundry that I folded.
Then I came back and spent 15 minutes preparing wall paper for dresses.
I stenciled with doilies and stamped with homemade stamps.
Just random fun.
Just random with no thought except the snapdragon napkin would be incorporated in some way.
Then I spent 15 minutes organizing some of my stuff.
The Mr Police Person was watching and questioned if playing with my stuff counted.
Of course, it is something that needs to be done.
Paint sketching the faces.
I was challenged to use three different pallets of colors for my Wall Flower Angels.
Actually, I knew COLOR was going to be bright and vivid and many.
Do you see the hand that my muse snuck in?
Forget the game. It lasted about this long. Then I needed to stay with my angels.
When there is paint left on my palette, I usually remember to use it up on the canvas somewhere. Even though it will get covered later. It gives a nice starting layer.
I knew I was going to use the narrow strip of wallpaper.
So I painted the blue and used a stamp to add texture between the strips.
This is a close up showing the use of stamp to lift the paint from the wet blue and then stamp onto the canvas.
Making progress, but this is the point that I usually zone out and forget the camera.
Wall Flower Angels
16 X 20
I'm at home this morning but need to get ready to go.
So have a great day.
Expect it,
PS.....do you see the snapdragon napkin? It is there but became insignificant. That napkin is a real challenge and I have a plan for it....but I'm out of time today.


  1. Nora You are amazing!! I love this wonderful piece. Thank you ever so much for sharing your process. It helps me the self taught artist venture out. So appreciated...just love your work!

    Peace Giggles

  2. Thanks for the step by almost step!
    Can totally understand your zone out.

    Really like your color choices with this piece. Especially the pink next to the dark green. Then the orange red swirls on top of that.

  3. Love your bright spirals! And seeing the process.

  4. I really love the bright colors and the swirls of orange and blue are perfect there! Gina

  5. I so unerstand your desire for color, it has been gray and cold here and nothing that has color, except...when doing a lot of landscape work and doing this time of year, I look and look for color then try to enhance it just a bit but believe me you have to hunt with the eye.

    That is a beautiful piece of art,
    I also see from some experience some napkins are just harder to work with, even if I love the design a lot it gives me challenge.
    I do see the snapdragon tho and
    this piece gives the viewer so much.
    Of course if one is an artist it gives tons more because there is a process that the painter uses that the viewer tries to work through

    I also do the same tasks and then rewards of painting, some more tasks and more rewards, I can think a process of the art while doing mundane.

    So now that I am really high on stimulation again from lovely colors and wonderful finish to see in this new work of yours, I can go
    paint, and prepare a couple surfaces to paint later.

    I will be back to look again.


  6. This is beautiful, and thank you so much for showing the process. That is always so fascinating to me, seeing it all come together.

  7. I just love your work, you are an insiration to everyone. I love your use of mixed media and beautiful painting. Thak you for sharing your work, Greetings from Norway !

  8. i love the bright colors, but especially how you are incorporating those doillies as stencils...very cool!

  9. Ahhhhhh.....beautiful. I wish I could see them in person!! Thanks so much for sharing your process. It is always so inspiring. :)

  10. Thanks so much for showing your process, I just love visiting your blog (even though I don't talk allot;) it's inspiring-
    have a great evening!

  11. I love the snapdragon napkin! It is beautiful in and of itself! I am so growing to love your beautiful faces, Norah. I wish I was half as good at something...anything! LOL

  12. I know I've said it before, but this IS the best one yet, I love it. We must be on the same wave length at present, I've been creating lots of spirals too.

  13. Yummy! These are super. Love those colors.

  14. The only thing I don't like about this piece is the twirl across the top of the head. Otherwise, wonderful! I especially appreciate the process photos. Was so fun to see you in the midst of your masterpieces!

  15. Your colorful wallflowers are so pretty! You're so generous to share so openly, Sharon. I really admire and appreciate that.

  16. Love the work, love the process. I found the bit of snapdragon napkin but where did the hand go?

    Like the colors.


  17. They are beautiful! I love their doillie wings!

  18. I would have never guessed that you painted the faces in different colors. Pretty amazing! Love the way your stencils change the wall paper. Wonderful, colorful painting. xo

  19. Sharon,
    Your wall flower angels are stunning!! I love how you use the doilies...and the colors in your painting are amazing! I also love the step-by-step. tfs
    Have a good week,

  20. Sharon,

    It was very cool of you to show us the process of this painting! It was a treat to see the idea take form and I loved the idea of 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off. It was fun to see where you do your creating, also!

  21. Wow, this is wonderful! I love all the lace and spirals. Beautiful wallflowers! :)

  22. Hi Sharon, these girls are wonderful... loving the colour!!!
    Lovely to watch your process ... I'm now tossing up with housework/shopping versus art time. Drrrgggg have to have some food and better at least tidy the house. But, I will time myself and try and spend that much time creating too!
    Havent had a chance to check out your latest you-tube videos either, so off to do that today.

    Have a lovely weekend.


  23. i think this one is my all-time favorite....the colors are just incredible, the patterns are so full of wonderful energy....beautiful!!!!

  24. Lovely Work!
    You inspired me today. I am giving you the Makes My Heart Smile Award.
    You can check it out on my blog.
    Much blessing, love, and peace to you always,

  25. Gorgeous work! So opulent & beautiful.

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  27. Thanks for sharing this. I am amazed at all that goes into this beautiful piece of art. I have been taking an art journaling class online and have been looking for different ways to add texture to my pages. Thanks for the inspiration.


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