Tuesday, March 24, 2009

To Emilie

......my anonymous commenter person. Thank you so much for your visits. I love that you come and visit and always tell me you've been here. As a matter of fact, I look forward to hearing from you. I look forward to your thoughts, your observations and apparent insight that you pass along to me about my art as it relates to your art. I also love hearing that you have seen my ladies as you are out and about in your town. I am charmed with your comments and have a fantasy of painting and making art together, as I know we would learn so much from each other. Thank you.

I promised a little art this week and here it is. It's just another face painted as I love to do without a sketch. I've used a board book to make a little "sandwich board" type painting that will sit nicely on a desk or shelf.

I will also have another two-part video this week that will incorporate my use of napkins and a transfer.....by request and I think you will like it.

I am home for now on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and trying to take advantage of being home; although, I haven't painted yet this morning as I thought I might. I must get a painting started that will keep me off the couch tonight. I really like to paint from start to finish in one sitting; however, those blocks of time elude me now. So, if I start something, I am so inspired to get back to it the first chance I have instead of planting myself on the couch.

Speaking of the couch, you may be interested is seeing what I have been doing on the couch on the few evenings that I manage to stay upright. The title is "Confusion".
Expect a new video this week,


  1. I love this girl and the way her face blends into the collage as if the faded words are her thoughts!

  2. I recently found your absolutely wonderful blog and I have been visiting everyday since. I loved your videos and have watched them a couple of times already. You are inspiring and very talented. I plan to visit everyday to see what you are up to. I found your napkin art wonderful and am thrilled to see you are going to have a video featuring it!!!

  3. I love this girls face. Beautiful eyes. And how clever you are with your use of the board book.

    I truly enjoy your video's and am looking forward to seeing you do the napkin art.

    Have a wonderful day,

  4. oh this girl is beautiful....cant wait for the video, I love your videos and your art.

  5. oh my sharon...you have been up to a LOT!!! you go girl...i am so happy for your success...to think we started blogging about the same time...your art has wings...i am blessed to have one of your early piees with me everyday...blessings, rebecca

  6. Wow, you have been so busy -videos, sharing and a little art on the couch. Puts me to shame. I've been horribly busy at work and I've promised myself an hour with Norah very soon, when I sit and enjoy all your videos, uninterupted. Bliss.

  7. Expect more video's? Oh boy! It doesn't get much better than that!

    I can't quite figure out the patch work that's going on. Have to go back for another look.


  8. I too love this newest piece. The butterflies add the perfec touch of...freedom? Whimsy? I'm not sure what I would call it, but I like the feeling it gives. It also seems as if the butterflies are holding her hair in place and that is such a neat image! Kind of like Cinderella and her little mice that help her out! Very pretty!!

  9. These sandwich boards are so nice. I love the color combinations. They are some of my favorite! I also like the videos on painting a face. I plan to either drag my paints into the computer room or ? I don't know but I really want to do it step by step. Maybe I'll just have to visualize. I don't get as much depth to my faces so this is very helpful!

  10. These faces seem a little on the softer side as if they are reflecting on a pleasant thought.
    Your work so inspires me.

  11. YOur side view is a new challenge for me, been drawing some for practice so I can get spacing right around the nose and chin and placing the eyes correctly.

    I have worked very hard today and just going to my studio and using my brain for recall, also my sprit for being satisfied. Do not over work the painting let it be and try again fresh if not happy. owever I am sort of happy with what I did today. If they seem a little pale or a little blue then so be it. I tend to get proper looking women I don't really want that, fuller lips perhaps.

    Colored pencils around the work is wonderful in a lot of areas, So glad I had some.

    This is so good for the brain, and the soul.

    The new painting today is a new inspritation. Soon I have to garden I have to make use of my time.

    So maybe tomorrow a more pouting woman, or at least sensuous. Are women with doilies behind their heads sexy? I guess you proved they are. Emelie

  12. I love the sandwich board idea - how cool is thgat? Love your work - you are very talented. (I found your blog via Cath Sheard's - I'm another Kiwi!)

  13. your art is ao fresh and full of love! I can feeeel it! You are such an inspiration . I just watched your video on the tree spirits and thank you for sharing it. I am planning on making some ! Lisa Oceandreamer sent me over! Peace and love....


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