Friday, March 27, 2009

Bird Box Watching

I just wanted to say have a nice weekend and share the Birdbox Show.
But you know I just can't stick that up without showing and telling something else. This is a desk-doodle. You might remember this convo we had about first draft doodles. That is what this is.
But I was trying to sketch her with her looking down...her head looking down. But I don't why I cropped off the top of her head and you can't see that more of her head would show and you would not be able to see nostril holes and maybe even her bottom lip would be barely showing. Oh well anyway, that is what I was trying to do. I didn't quiet accomplish it though.
Now do this. Hold your two thumbs up to the monitor and cover the little dark dots on each side of her lips. Happy. Sad. Happy. Sad. Did you do it?
Get the popcorn and enjoy my baby bird show. They might be gone this weekend. Not sure.

Expect a great weekend, (that means be prepared for it)


  1. Sharon, you are so cute. I love the "happy sad happy sad" look! LOL I'm just in awe that even your doodles look amazing. I am seriously bad artist. Sigh...

  2. Sharon, that happy sad thing is so cool. That's quite a doodle I must say. I keep trying to draw but my stuff doesn't look like anything ;=O
    You're such a fantastic artist.I guess I should stick to making jewelry.


  3. Your Blog is wonderful! What a creative, special person you are! I have made it a habit to visit daily since i found you. I never cease to be amazed!!! Loved the birdie video, and your sketch too!
    I've become a groupy!!!! LOL!!!! You inspire me more than I can tell you. Have a lovely weekend!!

  4. I loved that video, it was totally cute. I felt like I was sharing a special moment with you. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Do the same species of bird occupy the house every year or is pretty much first come first nest? That was a cool video and if it were not for the large number of outdoor cats in my division, I would love to have a nest on a pole. Loving all of the new videos and thank you again for sharing all of the wonderful art techniques with us! Gina

  6. I am like you I doodle while I am on the phone.
    I love your video...the first view of the little mouths open was so cute.
    Chickadees are so funny they like to take over places not really made for them.
    They nest in a Wren ball that my Mother has.
    One tried to take over a Squirrel's hole in a tree in our yard...there was a little skirmish between the Squirrel and the Chickadee...the Squirrel won :)

  7. Oh dear, what a treat to visit your bird houses with you!!

    My ds & his Gpa build blue bird houses a few years ago and I pass by them when I walk our new puppy. I peeked and found a still empty box the last time. I thought of you and your pretty bird box. :)

    Now ds has pet birds inside and doesn't spend as much effort to care for the outside birds. I enjoy watching them all. :)

  8. Those little birds, talk about growing up fast and they do. I hope mom can find plenty of groceries for the little loves.

    Workingon faces, doing some doodles on scraps of paper I leave on the kitchen table. Want to do some news paper dolls. I thought about it as scrapps of paper fell out as my usband was reading the paper this morning, torn scaps that didn't belong to his paper.
    I would like to try a rather shapeless form but have them look sort of pretty and please hand and brain not cross eyed. They could all be "Women in Black" and have sun glasses.

    Been making scans and enhanced copies of what I have done lately and of course downsizing them just to have for myself or maybe make a journal. You have shown that there is a lot one can do with their own creations.

    I admire your work, and I I look at magazines and the variety of pretty things that people do with all sorts of looking people, I decide to keep working and be satisfied with me. More satisfied if I don't give up.

    I sent mail to your office.


  9. Oh Sharon,
    Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful video. It's so much fun to peak in on the baby birds as they grow. I enjoyed having you as the narrator, you have the most loveliest voice.

    Have a wonderful day.

  10. I love the doodle happy/sad lady! And I so enjoyed the video of the birds. THat is amazint that the little chickadee bord would just let you look right in withoug getting startled. Wonderful!

  11. maybe 3rd blogaversary is this week...i will be having a BIG GiVe AwAy...please spread the word and come enter!! blessings, rebecca

  12. Yes, I did....I like the happy face of course.
    Thanks for sharing the progress of your birdies growing up. I have a family that has a mud nest on my front porch and they return every year. They should be arriving soon. They dive bomb my head when I go out for the mail.

  13. thank you for sharing the babies! so sweet! and awe-inspiring. we're still covered in snow up here(i live in alaska) so it's a blessing to see signs of spring.

  14. Well, I certainly enjoyed your tour of the bird boxes. Your babies are beautiful! I must get Wife Whisperer to build a few boxes!

  15. I loved the bird video. I felt like I was walking along side you. The birds were cute and the mother beautiful. Thank you.

  16. This was the best thing to see! I love it...sending my friends to have a look.


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