Friday, May 29, 2009

Home Love Look See Door

Journal Page
started at the desk
finished on the couch
Don't you love short weeks?
I do.
I popped out of bed early this morning knowing it was Friday and all that.
I just Love being at Home.
So, today I will be thinking about what I shall enjoy this weekend.
I will finish my painting from last week.
I will clean the studio a little.
I will show you what I'm doing.
I will Dare to take a nap or two.
Expect it,


  1. love this new direction, with the buildings and face! can't wait to see more!

  2. All weeks are too short for me. I never seem to do all I intend to do.

    Love this journal page. It is fun to watch those houses make themselves present in your work.


  3. that page is great, sharon. love those houses!!!

  4. Great stuff! Enjoy your weekend and those naps!

  5. I took another it me? Or are your buildings wearing party hats?

  6. Beautiful!! Love the pop of colors on the dark background!

  7. Sharon, this is wonderful!

  8. Hi Norah... I just looove your art, and all of yours great works!
    Have a nice weekend!
    Inger Bente.

  9. Sharon, I hope you get to enjoy a couple of naps, plus your wonderful work. I, too, LOVE to be at home...there really is no place like home.....for that is where our "stuff" is!!! And, we do love our stuff! Enjoy your painting...then show...we always wait with great anticipation....expect and enjoy! pat

  10. Hi Sharon:

    First off naps are such joy, to just sink in and lose one's self in
    some sleep.

    So glad ot here you MIL is liking her new residence and you not having to feel all the things you were feeling.

    I like houses, I love the old two story farm house, I have even noticed that most books with an old house on the cover are fine stories for me.

    Also in the process of doing up the art room a little, the scraps,
    the cuttings bottles of paint, stamps, and endless papers get to me.

    I found a lovely white dog in a magazine and a white cat that is really a cement cat and had to do a painting with them in it, I had a goal of a lot of white, I ended with a lot of lavender.

    Still finding much inspiration in visiting your blog, new things, new ideas, and new courage which is most important. Learn so much and then work very hard to channel it in my own direction.


  11. Hi Sharon,
    Love it, love it, love it!!!...
    Did you really only use crayons, the orange is so great...with the navy, and the house/shapes really wonderful...your work is so free.. thank you for sharing with us.

  12. Sounds like a great weekend. Ah, naps. Aren't they wonderful? Looking forward to seeing what you're painting this weekend.

  13. LOVE this, Sharon. It's fabulous and can't wait to see more.

  14. For got to say how much I enjoyed the kids work, nice work, they also have a spirit. Great photos thanks.


  15. I love these new paintings you're doing! This one is just great.

  16. Sharon,

    I love this, glad to see you continue to use the spiral. I hope you have an Art filled weekend. Looking forward to seeing the finished painting.



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