Saturday, May 16, 2009


Did you do it? Did you sketch what your minds eye was seeing?

Carol did. You should go see.

And Emelie's comment stopped me dead still in my tracks. Here is part of it......."I see your person looking through what is in front of her mind, pay me no mind that is just what I see."

This hit me so hard that I cannot even put into words the rush of understanding and realization that my subconcsious, perhaps minds eye, was pushing and struggling to see through my houses of little art spirits. It was a moment of truth that my conscious and subconscious mingled. Do you think Norah'S at play here? Could be.

Expect her,



  1. I did play, I had half a sketch on a scrap of paper, and have birds on my mind as there are so many migrating through Wisc. right now.
    Except of course for the wild turkey at the feeder she probably lives here in her turkey abode.
    It did give me a start to see this large bird pecking away and scrathing. Scratching ground not body. I decided that I had to use just things layig on the floor
    in the art room. I loved the papers on the floor and the colors seemed right and if they weren't I would make them so.

    I thought quite a lot about what I said yesterday and had a wish I hadn't said it. I used wishing in the painting also. I don't mean to analyze it could be hurtful to people. My next painting should be FACE VALUE and reflect upon things with out analizing them.
    However, I most likely won't stop.

    I do think we paint how we feel,
    and what is right there to deal with. Emotion is so powerful in our actions of creativity.

    Hope your at your painting work and enjoying the day, so excited to see your painting.


  2. Is what you see the obstacles to your art muse? It seems you are looking through many things.


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