Thursday, May 21, 2009

Be Inspired

Yes indeed, last weekend I saw my art spirit begin to return. Mostly, I think, because I was enjoying the flow of letting go and just "doing it". And while just doing it, I knew "it" was a bit different and fun and raw and me.

And then, your reactions and words and comments meant so much to me. And I thank you each for that connection. I continue to be amazed with this connection. I know it is about inspiration and sharing and kindred spirits, even if I don't know the color of your eyes, or how tall or short you might be or if you have fifteen children or none or if you like the smell of roses or lavender or patchouli. Even if I don't know any of that, I feel the connection and thank you for that.

Will you be inspired? This sketch is my art-at-the-desk for yesterday and today. And I'm sure will inspire my next painting. So, I thought maybe....with our connection and might be inspired to paint and or collage something similar too. Go ahead and be inspired.

If this does inspire you and you do make art, please link to me but also let me know in comments so we can all come see. Fun? Yes.

Expect it,


  1. i absolutely LOVE your "mind's eye" sketches. i can't wait till the time is ripe for me to give my own mind's eye sketching a whirl!

    continually inspired and empowered by you!

  2. Sharon, this is very interesting indeed! I can't wait to see the results!!! I actually got god bumps when I saw this drawing!

  3. Wow, this is great and I'm excited to see the finished painting.

  4. This is gorgeous, I'm sure the finished product will be divine!! Can't wait for the previews!!

  5. I have literally been thinking of your last piece for days... every day. It has me yearning to paint like crazy! Now this one! Can't wait to see it!

  6. Sharon - you are following a voice that only you can hear. I am there, watching you yet you do not see me. I am loving what I am SEEING in you. In your vision - your art - your muse. Go with it. I may have to draw something similar to go with yours.

  7. Sharon I love it!!!! My mind is ticking over....
    Looking forward to seeing where this one leads you.

    Jacky xox

  8. This is intriguing, love the creative push, very inspiring indeed!

  9. HI Sharon
    Absolutely inspiring as usual
    I might have to try my hand at mind eye sketching very soon
    I have left something at my blog for you
    Marelle (Australia)

    What sort of word verification is MOUSTUD??

  10. I am inspired and I took up your challenge. I posted my art on my blog
    I hope to see more of your readers
    post their own takes.

    thank you for being such a great inspiring muse for us.

    Linda Drake

  11. Sharon, I really like this sketch! I can't wait to see it finished!

  12. Hi Sharon,
    Love the sketches! Look forward to seeing all the places this piece ends up! You are so creative and I've missed coming by to see you my friend.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Such fun, love your arm. So maybe I can have time to branch out with my arm also this weekend. I did do a strange tree with abstract tulips that I liked a lot with a woman. This was about color tho I wanted blue and yellow, of course I can't stick to my own rules and it has raw sienna and some green, but you know how blue and yellow are they just have to get together.
    It was my minds eye to some extent,
    but I wandered.

    Inspiration high, work load high,
    and if I want to paint I have to just go and do it, moaning around about endless tasks wastes time.

    Up North Emelie

  14. I can not wait until I see what you will create with this.. Thank you for the inspiration.

  15. Oh Sharon...I am loving this new side of you. I want to try this but will have to wait until later this week.
    Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  16. You've been inspiring me for more than a year now, Sharon. Your art and your words and your friendship have empowered me more times than I can tell you. Watching the progression of your paintings has taught me so much and reading about where they come from is one of my very favorite things. Thank you so much for sharing your generous creative spirit.


  17. Thank you for coming by...I can hardly wait to see how this new sketch turns out. It already looks very interesting.
    Big Hugs, Mary

  18. I have to come and see that branch/arm because I get a kick out of the elbow even.

    Goal is to do something and use a lot of shardes of white. It is sort of starting in my head.

    Wishing you a pleasant Sunday

  19. I'm late getting around to see this but how amazing your sketch is!! I can't wait to see your painting.

  20. You're always so inspirational! I just love this idea. If I wasn't deep in spackle and paint I would have loved to work on that theme!

  21. you are very inspiring, indeed. at first glance, your sketch reminded me of alice in wonderland, so i'll probably do a take-off from that. off to sketch in my art journal. thanks for the boost!

  22. Hi Sharon,
    Thanks for the prompt to go back and just do a sketch..I got out my sketch/practice book immedietely, and gave myself only 5 minutes to do something!!!..I have posted, thanks for the lovely words and sharing of your incredible inspire me!!!...xx

  23. Thanks for the artistic influence and inspiration! I cannot paint or sketch to save my life, but that does not stop me from trying! I have lots of books of trying all over my room and although I don't share them, please know it was you that inspired me to pick up a brush pen and or napkin and TRY!


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