Thursday, May 28, 2009

Family ART

We had company.
Andy. Ashley. Timothy. Linnea. Aubrey.

My brother's three from Arizona.

We played ART.
Aubrey's collage.

Linnea's collage.

Andy's collage.

Today they brought them back to hang in the gallery.

Aren't they awesome!
And that's what I'm been up too.


Other news: My dear Mother in law is now residing in a nursing home and much happier to our surprise.

I am gradually getting my energy back. I had not realized how her care had consumed me mentally, not physically. I am a "fixer" and I was consumed with trying to think of ways to make things better for her.

My ART spirit was hiding and waiting.

It's back.


I started the painting from last week's inspiration.

Haven't taken any "in progress" shots so I will show when finished.

And when I do, I will link to those of you who let me know that you were inspired to try.

Thank you for being out there.

And playing ART.



  1. What fun you and the kids must have had and they do wonderful work. My grans will be doing some of this over the summer. Gianni may be doing her first quilt. Will be doing what Will does in the painting and glueing dept. We are building future artist because it is FUN. Glad things are will with your MIL and that she is happy.

  2. I'm glad your art spirit is back! sounds like you had fun with the kids. :-)

  3. oo good news all around! i love the art the kids made!! wonderful!

  4. Hi Sharon
    I am pleased you mil is happy and that your art spirit has returned the grandchildren's art is fabulous!
    Marelle (australia)

  5. Well, I'm glad to hear MIL is doing ok, that means you will be also. What wonderful looking people and such FUN!!! I see ART does run in the family and didn't they do well....looks like you've had lots of fun and the young ones did too! I'm envious!
    All that laughing/talking/painting......memories being made!!! Pat

  6. In the gallery is a great place to be and I am glad to hear your MIL is thriving at the facility! Back to read everything I have missed and I need one of those big comfy sofas!

  7. Nice post. Loved seeing the kiddies collages. They must have been so proud to hang them in the studio.

  8. What talented kids! It must run in the family!

    Glad to hear you're getting your energy back and painting more. I love your art.

  9. I think it's obvious that it's fun at Aunty Sharon's...what a treat to have them share their creativity, and then to have their work framed, they are all as creative and talented as you are.. It is always lovely for me, when my daughter wants to have an art day with me, and she is 25 and married now, I hope we don't stop spending that sort of time together...xx

  10. What a beautiful family.

    Renee xoxo


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