Monday, September 21, 2009


Arizona Birthday Party

I arrived with nothing for the birthday girl except two ART projects for her party. I took my little bag of tricks to the bedroom and made her a birthday card.

Our first project was Castle Towers which is fun for all ages.
After Mug Cakes, we colored Tree Spirit Flags. This project was a collaboration as I had already drawn the spirits.


This was Linnea's (on right) Golden Birthday.

Aubrey's Golden Birthday is January 12, 2011. EXPECT


The short version of what happened to me after returning from AZ is the first couple of days, I was lazy. And then when I was ready to post pictures from home discovered problems with home computer. It is working but will not let me open photo card.

All is good here.

Expect tomorrow,



  1. I'm sure that will be a birthday that will be remembered for years to everyone who was there! What fun!! Don't you just love red rosin paper?!!

  2. Just so Y'all know --- we have the BEST aunt in the whole world.
    Linnea, Aubrey and Andy

  3. they were adorably intensely involved with their projects...
    and all of them came out stunning!
    and then look
    she even came by and left a comment
    sweet girls!

  4. Ah, what a lucky girl! What a fab birthday gift of art play.Looks like they had a party they won't forget and produced wonderful work! Do you take bookings?????

  5. What cute girls!!! What a neat birthday present! What a great and very FUN Aunt you are. The art work made by these girls is very inspiring, as fun and enthusiasm is catching....who wouldn't love a birthday like this one? (No matter what the age!) You, once again, have proven yourself dear!! Thanks for sharing it....pat

  6. man, that looks like fun! what a treat, sharon!

  7. I would like to have a party like that for myself. what fun for a group of talented young girls. And the pieces themselves are fabulous. YAY!

  8. What a fantastic and memorable birthday!
    The canvases the girls made are wonderful!!! Would love any one of them and those beautiful tree flags... I want you to come to my birthday, such fun!
    Thanks for sharing all of the photos with us, joyous occasion!

    Jacky xox

  9. Hooray you're back! What a lucky girl - looks like everyone had lots of the colorful items everyone created! She will NEVER forget this b-day.

  10. What a wonderful job the girls did.
    I bet it was a blast, and one they will remember for long time.

    Sharon such a great idea for a party of all ages!!!

  11. We celebrated my birthday this past summer with coffee. Now I want to celebrate the next one with an Art Party!

    What a wonderful Auntie you are!


  12. What a great gift!!! I'm sure this Birthday Party will be a treasured memory. The girls created some beautiful Artwork, too! Shows that they have a talented Teacher!

  13. What a great idea!! Lucky kiddo, I may have to borrow this idea for my 10 year old daughter. How special, I love these projects!

  14. What a wonderful memory you helped create for these darlings!! I just love this whole idea and I know for sure you loved, loved,loved every moment.

    I am home.....happy weary.....and still moved to tears over the magic of that special wedding.

    xox Rella

  15. what a fabulous day! what wonderful projects, what a lucky group of girls! you rock sharon!

  16. What fun they had! Great ideas!

  17. What a fantastic birthday she had! I agree, this party will be a memory for all of them that will last a lifetime!
    They really did a fantastic job!

  18. Awesome!!..they will remember that forever

  19. Oh what lucky girls.

    love Renee xoxo


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