Thursday, September 03, 2009

Watching out my window

I think we will have an early winter. The migration has started about two weeks early.
I'm having to fill this feeder every day and if I were home during the day probably twice a day.
They stack up and wait in line.

Left her this way Saturday.

Haven't shown a work-in-progress in a while. Here is my morning-art today.
The coffee is gone, so time was up.
She is here enduring the "stare" procedure today.
This guy was watching my birds Saturday.
And I was watching him.
I think he is known as a brown shouldered hawk.
See ya.
Expect it,


  1. I've never had hummingbirds before, but now that we live in Texas, we do! I love watching them..but they don't stack up at our at a time. I see circles in your painting...did you use the sequin waste I sent to do that? Hope you love it!

  2. You have a wonderful variety of birds in your neighborhood. Mr. Hawk looks like he's up to something tho.


  3. Sharon I always look forward to a new posting on your blog and I love the art piece you've started here. The hummingbirds are amazing! So is that hawk, what a beauty! I too am feeling the change in weather. I have been seeing more spider webs earlier than usual around the garden!

    BTW, I have been using clorox bleach gel pen on my muslins lately. I rubbed some of it into a texture plate and then put my dyed muslin over it and press in the grooves. It was interesting! Also, the gel pen leaves a residue when it dries but you can wipe it off then too. Just thought I'd share that bit with you! Hope you give it a try!

  4. i had tons of hummingbirds in va
    they lined up too
    little mean things as well!...i haven't seen any in SD..tho they say they are here
    great pictures
    and the picture is really looking awesome!
    he is a huge hawk
    janine mentions spiders
    yes i notice them earlier with there huge webs this year
    it can come early but that snow
    not so much!

  5. Sharon, Just this morning, my husband and I were talking about having an early winter. We believe we will anyway. We have "hummers" too, although not that many at once. Your girl is looking good! I'm always "expecting" to enjoy your blog posts...and I DO! pat

  6. Beautiful photographs....and your art is too. Love your style.

  7. Hi Sharon...beautiful painting! THe Hawk is very impressive, ha!


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