Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Desk Drawer Inspiration

I collected these items from 10 different "keeping places" in the studio.
Can you believe it?
Now they are all together and Norah'S eyes didn't miss a thing.
She immediately planted that little what if you ...........
........colored on fabric with Fabric Colors?
So I did.
It was just like a coloring book.
But then I ironed the fabric.
And then,
she nudged me to use Cray-pas on top of the fabric colors.
Because Cray-pas has a nice flesh and white color.
I ironed it again.
That little bit of morning art inspired by my organized desk drawer made me so happy.


  1. Isn't it so nice to be inspired by organization?!? I love it and your art piece...gorgeous! smiles...

  2. i love your sassy lady.

  3. One never knows when inspiration will hit, I have a mess right now with quilting, then deciding to do some stamping on the quilting. The only thing is fabrics alying on the floor can create a scheme for me as it may be fabrics I never thought to put together and they look rather nice. Plus it is fun to use fabrics that are rather wild in design.

    Glad you were inspired to do a face, I really understand that it gets the day off to a good start by having a feeling of something personal.

    At least for today I am glad I have saved some of the odd things that I have.

    I want better organization but then I am distracted, soon, because
    you taught me to expect.

    Fresh Zinnias and Cosmos on the table. Emelie

  4. Just trying to catch up. I love your face inspired by organization! I have some of the same crayons but I tried melting them to use in an encaustic technique. They didn't blend that well or at least they didn't that day. Love Susan's painting and the progress on your studio, it's wonderful. I'm kind of organized but not exactly. The beauty part still needs to come in.

  5. I like how you find inspiration everywhere Sharon.

    I definately need one of those irons but it will have to wait. I'm on a "use what your have" campaign for the month of Sept.



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