Friday, September 25, 2009

Studio Tour

I decided it was time to share. My organization guru is coming for the weekend and I'm very pleased with the results of my renovation (cleanup) of my ART studio. She will be too. With the exception of one or two small projects, I have slowly but surely finished this huge chore. You can't know how good it feels to go into the studio now and be amazed with the room. It is so inspiring. For so long this was the room used for very little crating and simply a place to put stuff. From the very beginning this was a doll studio and the plentiful storage cabinets were filled. Because of this when I started crating again there was no place to put new supplies for my new passion of mixed media and altered art. I stacked stuff on the floor and all the horizontal surfaces. I reached the "enough" place and had to do something.

The decision to separate my sewing from my mixed media art took me a while to make and thankfully, my guru pushed me to it. Now she is coming this weekend to help me organize the sewing studio. She is amazing but boy of boy she has no idea what she is getting into.

That's what we will be doing this weekend.

Expect me back Monday,



  1. Beautiful!! Ok, so can I pencil in you and your organization guru to come to my house next? ;D

  2. Sharon, LOVE what you have done with your 'laundry room' much more than that now. Love the natural light you have there, all your work on the walls, just everything! Bravo, you did a marvelous job of 're-organizing.' You'll get an A+ from your organizing friend! Can't wait to see the sewing room when it's finished. You have a wonderful weekend. pat

  3. I did this with my studio last fall and I can't tell you how much nicer it is to work in. Only trouble being that all summer I have been dragging "stuff" upstairs to work on and now I'll have to haul it all back down to my studio to put back in place!! LOL!!! Once that is done, I'll be good to go! Love all your artwork on the walls around you as you work....sure to inspire more work!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. /\/\/\/\/\////\\\\\applause applause!!
    i worked some on my room today but i keep getting sidetracked
    i NEED to have it done in 2 weeks
    a friend will be arriving in town bringing wheels for my tables
    and they will need to be able to GET to the tables

    you are good inspiration tonight!
    and the dolls are beautiful!

  5. it's so nice to see that you have plenty of room for me to come over and play! wowzer. what a wonderful studio,, i wish i still lived in texas!

    everything looks so great!

  6. Great job. And,please do send your guru up my way. I am still at it on mine...getting there.

  7. Looks great! Enjoy your weekend; hope it's filled with all good things :-)

  8. your hard work has paid off. What a beautiful place to create in. Very inspiring

  9. Thanks for sharing this! What a wonderful place to create!

    Ok, my word verification is 'porky' today. I better leave now and hit the treadmill :)

  10. Very nice! It looks so organized. I can't imagine you fitting a sewing studio in there too!

  11. I enjoyed the tour, thank you. It looks so fresh and organized, with inspiration everywhere... What I don't get is - why do you like to work on a towel? And how come I didn't know that... xo

  12. I love your studio! And your art is amazing! Thanks a lot!

  13. Such a lovely studio, so tidy and much room to work in plus apportunity to look at your work. I wonder if you look sometimes and say to yourself how did I do that?

    It takes a lot of supplies to do mixed media work and they sure add up to a lot of stuff. So gratifying tho when working to have a thing on hand that you decide to use in that piece.

    By now your fabric is probably organized and all those stringy
    spools and add ons sorted and in a good finding place.

    My sewing room is pretty good except for the two piles I am using out of and having a hard time getting something to come together just right when it resists
    my creative apptempts.

    Windy with rain approaching.
    Frost on Tuesday night maybe.

  14. Love peeking into artists studios! What inspiration! My tiny 'studio' (4th bdrm) needs some organization!

  15. Wonderful space to work have done a wonderful job of organizing and beautifying your studio.
    I am still in the thinking stage on my cleaning and arranging...I have excuses. Travel and such :)

  16. Well, Pet, I just luvzzzzzzz your gentle, southern belle voice!! Too cute!! Love the tour of your art room and think I should book you to come and organize MY crazy space.

    xo She who has no blog header

  17. Thanks for sharing, Sharon. I love seeing other artists studios and how that have all their stuff organized and arranged. Now you've given me some inspiration to go do a major clean-up! ;-)


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