Friday, September 04, 2009

Erase with Gesso

During the "stare" procedure one can get determined and get the guts to erase.
Staring made me realize that I did not want the light source coming from the right but rather from straight on.
That meant I would need to erase the line to the left of her nose which is created by that light source.
Staring also made me wish her mouth was lower and more centered.
Now it is.
Because I erased with Gesso and started over with layering paint in.
I'm no where near finished as I haven't even started with flesh colors.
I thought you might enjoy seeing the results of yesterday's "stare" procedure
this morning's ART.
I'm giddy with excitement of a three day weekend.
Expect her to be finished during my next session.


  1. Yes, she is coming together and she is lovely so far!

  2. i liked her yesterday too
    she is different ...but she is still gorgeous...
    kind of like clairol
    only the artist knows for sure

  3. Seriously, what would we do without gesso? I spent a bit of time doing the same to a painting tonight. Glad you are on the mend. Take care.

  4. I'm glad you are back in the game and feeling better! The painting is lovely as usual.

  5. There's nothing like watching a Master!!! You have a wonderful weekend!!! pat

  6. Hi Sharon: I sort of like the look
    of the complexion. The other thing that strikes me about your women and girls is that they don't have to worry about their hair, they are so beautiful with out a big doo. I look at women just going about their everyday life and see many really pretty women and see things differently than I did. So many ways to be beautiful. Awarenss, it is a good idea to look and really see.

    I did a rather witchy looking woman yesterday, but she improved today. I started a quilt and I hope staring will get me past the focal point. The owman I didn't like so much is done with crayon on fabric, and I will iron it with a paper towel over it to set the colors. I have an old skirt from
    thrift with lovely blue and white flowers of good size and they seem to soften her look.

    I wish you whatever you wish for your time in these 3 days.

    We have a red sun at sunset from the fires in Calif. Thought of you. Emelie

  7. Mmmm I like her new look (isnt that gesso a wonderful eraser).

    She looks so peaceful and serene.

    Enjoy your long weekend!

    Jacky xox

  8. I have to put you in my google reader. so I can stay in touch with what you are painting these days.....I love your recent posts!! How are you???

  9. Gesso comes in handy. Good tip on how to use it. I've been wanting to try out some black gesso.



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