Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Orvieto Knockers

 When going back
to where you've been,
 the view is richer
and more focused
on the little things. 
 When last I visited Orvieto,
I saw the doors and portals and alleyways.
 This time, I was totally aware
my focus had narrowed to
smaller details
like door knockers and knobs.

But I still wondered who are the people who cross these thresholds and what brings them here.


  1. I love them all! What a beautiful place it must be.

  2. Doors, especially those with such beautiful hardware, always seem to hide a mystery don't they? Imagine all the folks who "knocked" and wonder what they wanted. Day dreaming.


  3. These are fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing! I'm so intrigued by knobs and knockers! dix---

  4. I'm way over my head here ---not knowing what it's all about---but I love these knockers and would want the first lady to be on my door...must be loaded with DNA and perhaps several spells cast...I had a lion one for years which hardly any one ever used...they would
    rap at the door instead..what I would like best of all... is all the knockers on my front door ....Winnaarranged creatively somehow and then MAYBE they would use at least one of them...Right now... to the side of the door I have hung collected old bells for them to use...again, usually only my daughter uses them and she will ring ALL of them...so I sure know who's at my door. Winna

  5. I'd like to have ALL of them on my front door...and will begin collecting them for this reason...how thrilled I will be to find "just the right one" etc..beautiful photo set up here !


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