Friday, June 06, 2014

A Bird Performer

One Hundred Faces
Face No 94
 No 94 has a story (as they all do).
It is no coincidence that No 93 and 94 are very similar. 
My muse takes me slowly down the path sometimes.
Row 4 of One Hundred Faces

OK, here is the story, it just came to me.
She is a bird trainer and circus performer or something like that.
She being No 93 and No 94 who are one and the same.
Specifically, she trains the Yellow Tailed Blackbirds, which is why she raises them from baby chick.
The adult bird changes to black except they do keep their yellow tail.
I'm so happy she, like others, made it into One Hundred Faces more than once.
A bunch of faces


  1. I am seeing Norahs art here! Oh how I wish I had a Norahs!

  2. I love your girls in this project! Glad to see this one finally made it on your board "finished". Good to see the shot of the board in its entirety. It is so inspiring to see it!

  3. Hello Sharon! Your faces are coming along so beautifully. I think the one with the yellow chicks on her head is my new favorite. The colors are exquisite, plus I just want to be like her...carrying birds on my head. Oh the charm of it!

    Your garden/yard looks amazing! The wild I wonder if you can buy seeds somewhere and plant them?

    Happy painting, happy gardening, happy everything this weekend!

  4. Love the story and her circus costume is gorgeous!!

  5. I LOVE the lady with the bird and birds!!

  6. Hi Sharon, went right back to no1 and paged through each blog and just gazed at these amazing little faces. A real "work of art". Thank you so much for including us in this project of yours, always good to learn from you.
    Your garden is looking wonderful, I am so glad you ate enjoying your retirement and having such special " me " time and I love that turquiose nail polish very cool, you manicure is looking very good for gardening hands!!!!
    You keep creating and hope all your little seedlings and plants bring you much joy and that fairy garden and house, well what can I say... Wish it was in my garden, my fairies are very jealous.
    Lots of love
    Heather , Cape Town.


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