Thursday, June 05, 2014

My Muse helped yesterday

One Hundred Faces
No 93 with Preliminary Drawing
 I slowed a bit on One Hundred Faces mostly because so many other things on my to-do-list. 
To get back in the groove yesterday, I did a quick little sketch of what I might paint in this row 4 spot.
As you can see, things changed when my muse showed up. 
I listened. 
And was happy. 
I think I will use the same little sketch for No 94 and see what happens. 

Face No 93 in Row 4
 Here she is with the Sam and Vickie
Face No 93


  1. Wow - can't believe you are almost done! I was watching when you started this project and then somehow lost track. I am so glad to have connected again, and also found your 100 faces group. I still love painting faces too, though have not tried anything this ambitious. Maybe I will start keeping them all in a book at least. Love your faces.

  2. ah, sharon, pure joy!!!!


  3. I love, love her!! so close to the end you are!!


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