Sunday, June 08, 2014

Another great week in the garden


This week started with seeds.
I love to collect seeds.
The problem is I seem to have a hard time planting them. 
It could be a seed hoarders problem.

four o'clock seeds collected last fall
 Anyway, this week I planted some four o'clock seeds collected last October. 
FYI: I cut the bottom out of this little pot and set it in ground just so I would know where it is. 
When it germinates, I will remove the plastic pot. 
seed bed planting
 The bed next to the garage was reserved for annual seeds. 
Again, I cut the bottom out of little seedling pots and turned them upside down and then planted. 
garage side seed bed
 If you look close you can see four rows.
Monday I planted
and the dirt area on the left near the wall is gypsophila
Wednesday the zinnia and cosmos had already germinated. 
new stepping blocks
peach crop (one of)
toad stools in the garden at ground level

These and one more went into the pot Friday night.
squash pan
Garden Palace attic
 The most exciting thing happening.....
and today!
Getting my floor in the Garden Palace attic.
I Love my Son.
I Love my Brother.
I Love my DH.
hot peppers
sweet peppers
tomato at bulls eye

I'm headed out the door to the Garden Palace attic. 


  1. I love this photo tour into your world Sharon. Your life seems peaceful and full of wholesomeness. What a wonderful way to live. I love flowers too. I neglected my yard for two years for various reasons, but mostly my art. I have a had a recent renewed love for our space in which we reside and it has felt really good to spend time in it. My brain feels more quiet. It's nice.

    Have a great week. Hugs.

    1. Hi Lisa, I love your visits. Yes digging in the dirt is essential for my health. I neglected my gardens for several years though and am so happy now to have the time to get things back in order. Even if it is a huge job that I just manage little by little.

  2. I love seeds too, especially ones in pretty packaging. You are a serious gardener. Do you also can? It all looks good. You must live in a warmer zone than I do. And, we are currently redoing our greenhouse and wonder what the panels are made of and where you got them. We had plastic sheeting before and the panels we are looking at currently are very expensive.

    1. I am in Central Texas and it gets really really hot here. My little greenhouse was a kit that my husband and I put together. The panels are polycarbonate. The greenhouse is a Snap & Grow by Palram 12' X 6'.
      Thanks for your blog visit. I make lots of gardening mistakes but I sure love digging in the dirt.

  3. Looking forward to seeing what transpires next in your little attic. You have builder people, too! Aren't they just the greatest to have in your life?


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