Thursday, June 12, 2014

I thought she was a nobody

One Hundred Faces
Face No 96
 During and after painting number 96 this morning, I kept thinking she is just a nobody.
My thumb covers the whole square. 
How could she ever be seen in this crowd. 
One Hundred Faces
Face No 97
Same thing about number 97. 
Just a nobody.
Faces 96 and 97 with a bunch of .......

They are all nobodies.
I mean, look!

But in the scheme of 97 faces, they fit right in.


  1. The blue gal is a keeper of all secrets n knows more than she's telling until the right time. See that hint of smirk? Now the flower gal, she's not quite sure yet, what she wants, she isn't quite sure she likes all the company esp. 14 n 50 giving her the "eye"; she'll come around in a bit when she gets out of her mood.

  2. Just a nobody is somebody and will be beautiful in your art piece of 100 faces. Scrolling down, I do love the prayer book and sentiments for your friend in Italy. You are an amazing artist who dabbles in many mediums and is a master of them all.

  3. This face project is you see faces! Every one of them is interesting in its own unique way. They all look like they have a story to tell...perhaps you should put your face in there too!


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