Saturday, June 14, 2014

About the Guinea Ghost in the Greenhouse


Each week just before posting my greenhouse and gardens update, I go out and take a new picture.
You may have noticed my Guinea in the picture. 
He walks around and around looking at his reflection all-day-long. 
I finally surmised that he thinks it is his lost partner who met his demise last fall. 
Sometimes, he goes inside looking for the guinea ghost. When he doesn't find him, he comes right back out. Then he walks around and around again until he sees the reflection.
Sometimes I look out my kitchen window and see him sitting close to the greenhouse just looking at the ghost. 
When I passed on the mower last week, I could see what he sees. 
A perfect reflection of himself. 
It's sad.
Shadows and reflections in the Garden Palace attic
 The week started and ended with rain totalling two inches.
Not much gardening happened and
I'm feeling pulled these days between the gardening and work in the Garden Palace and painting faces. 
Trying to do all.
Butterfly Bush (Buddleia)
 The white butterfly bush is blooming.
Purple Cone Flower
 I found two more Purple Cone Flowers. 
One in bloom (above) and one that may bloom later (below).
Purple Cone Flower Seedling

Red Toad Stool
I don't remember ever seeing a toad stool like this.
before work training the rose up the trellis 

The  one chore that did get done this week was tying the rose up the trellis. 
As you can see, I could not mow around the trellis because the canes were growing out along the ground. 

job done
 It's not so pretty yet and won't bloom again until next spring but at least I can mow close when I go out to mow this afternoon. Then I can weed around the base. 
Purple Leatherflower (Clematis Pitcheri)
 The wild clematis is still blooming but I wanted to show the seed pods.
The green balls with pointy things are the seed pod.

inside the clematis
I will be watching close for them to dry.
 I hope to propagate some this year but will wait until they dry before collecting. 
Klimt patio and garden

This garden on the right is my next big project. 
The liriope has to be divided.
There are some "trash" trees that have popped up and have to be removed.
The day lilies have taken over the bed and is about to bloom.
I'm moving the birdbath to this little garden.
Stupid Kitty has discovered me in the yard and is coming to meet me. 


  1. that is a sad story about the guinea. I love the pinky red mushroom. You really have your work cut out for you in your gardens!! But worth it!!

    1. Thanks Janet, It is pretty amazing. People think guineas are stupid. I think not.

  2. Woman you are full of energy! The pics of all your projects are so cool! Thanks for sharing. And red toadstool? We only see white and dark brown ones in Central Texas.

    1. Dix, that is why I was so surprised to see a red one. I am just a few miles up the road from you.

  3. Your gardens are beautiful. Love your greenhouse. You take great photos. Better not eat that mushroom. I am talking in short sentences today!

    1. Hi Karen, I wouldn't dare eat any mushrooms here in Central Texas. Non are edible here but this is one of the prettiest ones I've seen. Thank you

  4. Seeing the ongoing pictures of your greenhouse and garden show the progress. It will be fun for you to look back to the first picture when the garden is finished for the year. What a lovely place. I'm reading "A Pig in Provence" and in it the author says that a red mushroom/toadstool is poisonous. I could be wrong about it but be careful.

    1. Yes I'm sure it is poisonous. I'm gonna look up "A Pig in Provence". Sounds like it might be good.

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