Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Wanna See My Junk

April fools

The Garden Palace parlor full of junk is the room-of-the-week.

Company is coming and I'm frantic to get ready for a fun visit.

Everything was moved into the parlor while I was working on the other rooms.

But now I've moved everything out because the parlor is the last room to reclaim and with luck and hard work, I will have this room conquered by weeks end. 

Everything in every picture is a project.

There is no way I will get all the projects finished before my visitor gets here, but I will have finished the reclamation from the unwanted furry and flying squatters who moved in during during the period of my neglect.

PS...all of my online classes are marked down really really cheap. And that is no April fools joke!


  1. Sharon, I'm SO excited for you! How wonderful to see the Garden Palace come to life. Norah must be thrilled! xxoo

  2. I just know you will be ready when your company arrives. The Garden Palace has come a long way since you started.


  3. Company coming is always my great motivator to get organized. Don't wear yourself out buddy, I don't need anything fancy. So happy I get to see you soon!!! xoxoxo


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