Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Backyard Birthday Banquet

Backyard Birthday Banquet

Happy 26th Ashley!

Birthday girl requested crab.
So we had a fun finger food first course of:
 Alaskan Snow Crab
Drawn Butter
Corn on the Cob
Cheddar Bay Biscuits

I remembered to get a photo before everyone came back for seconds.

My sweet Kids

Waiting for second course from Grand Pa's kitchen.
Smashed Hot Potatoes
French Bread

oops I forgot to get photo

I can't think of anything I love more than being surrounded by our family and in our back yard.

Before birthday cake, we walked over for a tour of the Garden Palace.

Make a wish Ashley!

Creamy Cold Ice Cream Cake
full of birthday wishes

12  ice cream sandwiches
1 quart ice cream of your choice (softened)
Cool whip (thawed)
Chocolate magic shell

Pull off about 18inches of aluminum foil and lay on a dish.
 In the middle of foil, lay first layer of ice cream sandwiches.
Spread a layer of the softened ice cream. 
Lay a second layer of ice cream sandwiches.
Spread a second layer of softened ice cream.
Wrap the foil over it and freeze it long enough for the ice cream to harden.
Remove and add a layer of thawed cool whip.
Wrap the foil over it and freeze long enough for the cool whip to harden.
Remove and add as much Chocolate magic shell as you like.
Wrap the foil over it and refrigerate until party time.


My family, even the non-sweet eaters, loves this.
I love that I can make it a day or days ahead.

Knowing that Ashley loved lime sherbet, that's what I used.
I have made it with other flavors and you can even use more than one flavor.
You can make it as big or little as you want. 
This one I actually used 11 sandwiches.
It is OK to cut them to make the square or rectangle. 
It would not need to be two layers but that's what make it impressive. 
Looks like I slaved over it. 

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  1. Wonderful pictures all, but the last one takes the cake (ha!)


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