Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Painting a Floor Cloth

I've started another Garden Palace floor cloth.
This one is for the Rose Garden Parlor, or as DH might say, "the front room of the shack".

FYI:  The size is 58" by 91.5"

At this point, I was painting and adding layers of background colors as that was all I had to start with.

Will the real inspiration please step forward.

As you know,  in my head I work about 6 and a half projects ahead of the one at hand. 
Therefore, I had plenty of inspiration to sort through to get to the one and only that I hoped would please me the most.

Sometimes it is a hard thing to do.
Of course, I always knew it would be flowers.
Of course, I wanted it to be roses.
(in the rose garden parlor) 
But of course, I do not know how to paint roses. 

Since this Garden Palace is a real life fantasy daydream, I can paint fantasy flowers. 
So that's it.

My favorite pictures are the ones with all the paint pots and brushes on the work in progress.

After a quick white charcoal sketch, I worked up and down the row of fantasy flowers adding layers of color.

Then I started adding layers of fun stuff.

Each time I stopped for lunch, I posted on my Instagram.
But the thing I did that was new for me was to also share on Facebook.
I fear that is the reason I have neglected sharing here; however, I only started last Wednesday.

This is where I am right now. 
I don't consider this side finished but I'm ready to start the garden row down the other side. 
I will be sharing.
Count on it. 
And thank you all so much for all of your comments and good thoughts. 
I appreciate you!


  1. Love seeing the process!!! Thanks for sharing it on your blog... although I've been watching on FB... I love seeing all the pics in a row like this! Its so beautiful! ~ Selah <3

    1. Thank you for watching both places. You know I also love being able to scroll down and see all the pictures. Something about all these colors that makes me so happy.

  2. Oh this is just wonderful Sharon! I love that you are sharing your painting journey with us. Oh to be a bug on your wall and get to watch! :)

    1. You would definitely get to watch as a bug on my wall cause when I'm painting these fun flowers the dust and other little things seem to collect without notice.

  3. I love to see the pictures all in a row here. I am madly thinking about what kind of floor cloth I would like, so that I can give this a go! Thank you so much for letting us in on the process!

    1. Welcome Kimberly, Can't wait to see what you do.

  4. I really enjoy your blog! love your garden house,please keep bloging and I sure will keep reading!!!! : )

    1. Thanks for that. It is always so good to know. I will keep bloging for sure though sometimes it might seem I have no words.

  5. Your floor cloth is beautiful. They look like ranunculus with their layers of petals.

  6. This is gorgeous!!! Love if just as much as the other floor cloth in a totally different way - so soft and lovely!! What talent you have and what an enjoyable "shack" you have to be inspired by/in!!


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