Thursday, September 03, 2015

A Set of Three

The Chair

I found this antique office chair at a local thrift store. 
My good luck!
Even though it was a "project", it was exactly what I wanted for the attic studio. 

I replaced broken dowels and glued it all back together.

I also had to replace the worn casters and found exact replacements at House of Antique Hardware.

The Desk

I planned for a long time to use the extra antique table top to make two art desk. 
One for the Attic Studio and one for the Rose Garden Parlor. 

This one is for the Rose Garden Parlor and I cut eight inches off the backside so it would fit the parlor.
Way back when, I found antique table legs for the front and I used ripped 2 x 4's for the back legs.

Here you can see I painted, distressed and waxed the chair.
I also made a thin pad for the chair. 
It's all ready for art making.

The next day, I went over to sit.
It felt like the sit and stare stage that I enjoy after finishing a painting. 
I needed to go sit and stare at my new art desk and chair.
I love the chair so much in the parlor that I'm on the lookout for another for the Attic Studio.

The Footstool

The next day I took the little foot stool over. 
I painted the legs, that yellow and replaced the nasty fabric on the sides with the beautiful floral linen.
I didn't replace the naugahyde vinyl on the top. 
I thought it looked gently used and fit right in.

A Set of Three 

Desk and Chair and Footstool
three projects

I am so ecstatic about reaching this point in my daydream.
I will be hanging the One Hundred Faces over the desk just as soon as I put a hanger on it.
I'm also making a shelf with the eight inch piece of the table that I cut off. 
Yes, I will show. 

Today at the Rose Garden Parlor desk
The Zen of Seeing

...I started reading this.
The Zen of Seeing by Frederick Franck.
It is about drawing and sketching and I plan to go over each morning to read and perhaps do a little sketching. 
If you know me and my art practice, you will probably know that I don't particularly enjoy the sketching stage. 
I know. I know. 
But I think in the past when I felt pressed for time, I just skipped that step whenever I could.
And that became my practice.

I do know it is important and my mission now is to enjoy and be inspired by this book to start a new art practice.
You know I will be sharing.


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