Sunday, September 06, 2015

The Plate Wall

Sometimes the plate wall changes on a whim.
As a matter of fact the shelf above the wash stand does too. 

This plate hanger is my own wire creation because 
I'm still playing with wire.
I have a Pinterest board for Wire Creations that I confess inspires me.

Today I added the large fruit and melon platter.

There is not much planning, I'm just kinda haphazardly adding them. 

Here you can see the latest version of the shelf.
Just in case you are wondering, the blue glass vase holds the dried stalks from this years daylily crop. 

I've done a little staging on top of the jelly cabinet.

Until now I used the top as a holding place for stuff. 
I like this much better.
Now it is a holding place for arranged stuff.

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  1. Your wire plate hangers are great! I love the idea of the plate hangers as a way to hang plates on my fence.

    The garden palace is coming together beautifully.


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