Friday, September 11, 2015

These two go together

Day Seven

Two antlers. 

I have just finished Day 8 (below) and as always, I get into my head thinking about stuff like;
why did I do this?
how did I feel while sketching?
why did I feel relaxed, rushed, in the zone, antsy, frustrated or even agitated?
Just stuff like that and a whole bunch more that I don't need to share. 

Day Eight

I put her on a pedestal to get the perspective that I wanted to sketch.

First of all, I enjoy both of these subjects. 
Now, I'm struck with how neither had many lines to follow other than the outline. Also, while the antlers had a small amount of color tone difference, the doll head color was the same all over.
So, to find the lines with both of them I first had to use the shadows to smudge in pencil. 
It's all about values.
I guess that's no different than any other day: however, yesterday and today it seemed different. 
So when I figure out how to do it these two go together.

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