Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday Ramble...about mail

I went through a stack of old mail this morning. Thought I could edit some. I did.

I found a beautiful wedding invite. I really didn't need to keep it so I cut the middle/text out and used the rest as a frame on this gift journal page. I messed it up a little with my big girl crayons. But it will be OK.

One card I found has inspired me to try the design with tissue. It doesn't take much for me to use tissue. So, I'm looking forward to that.

I ripped off all the postage stamps and they will find their way onto something. I'm sure.

One wedding invite needed to go into the genealogy box for later processing and updating the family tree. I do that too.

I threw away the filled out but unmailed product registration cards for my washer and dryer. Gee whiz, they are several years old already. Who needs it anyway?

I cut the front off of a couple of the beautiful cards to use as pockets in this gift journal. I will finish it this weekend and yes, I will show and tell when I finish the cover.

I reread the remaining stack of beautiful thank yous and notes from friends. I can't part with them. I've had the inspiration to just glue them into a "Thank You" journal.

We will attend a nice Christmas party tonight. Shop tomorrow. Hope I can make it a family affair. No mood to do it alone.

I'm sure glad you can't see my mantle. It is too dusty to decorate. That is on the weekend "to do" list. Did you know dust bunnies can climb? I think they ...

I need you to send me your left over scraps of holiday wrap. You know, those little bits that you cut off and keep but never have a package that small to wrap. I have a journal idea. P O Box 40 Marlin TX 76661

OK, the other boss just came back from lunch/nap. I better get busy.
More later,


  1. What a clever way to use cards you don't need! I think I'll go through my stash now and try something similar.
    As for the snippets of wrapping paper... I really should buy some paper and start wrapping presents. December is flying by too fast...

  2. Great re-purposing of your old mail! I am like you and keep all of that stuff. It seems to be taking over my craft room though. I better start making some things to use it all up before I am buried alive!!!

  3. S:
    I got a little lost ! Can you send me the original card so I can follow you?
    Thank you so much for the tag! It was fun and I forgot to link back to your blog!
    You must know that you get a defective product when you use newbies!
    Is the Faire for sale?

  4. I've just discovered your blog and spent some time looking around. I love it! I liked your "weird meme" and the fact that you know where the weird fairies live! I will definitely be back for another visit.


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