Sunday, December 03, 2006

Gift Journal Cover

Finished the cover for my Gift Journal. This is the first one that I did last weekend. Now I'm gonna go start another cover. The big goofy flowers on the back cover are made with tissue. What else. Because I always have a paint brush in my hand, I dabbed a little on the flowers and then stamped them with a homemade stamp. Oh and Little Miss Curious' frock is printed tissue. I LOVE TISSUE.....AND PAINT.
More later,


  1. This journal cover is sooo gorgeous! What a beautiful gift from the heart to give and receive. I share your love of tissue paper ;-)

  2. What can I say - that is just stunning! Your recipient is going to be bowled over by this!

  3. I haven't had a chance to comment, but these gift journals are fantastic, Sharon. The recipient is going to be so thrilled!!! I still am in awe of your work with tissue. smiles...

  4. This cover is just so colorful and beautiful! What a wonderful gift it will make!

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