Saturday, December 30, 2006

UFPs...WIPs...and PP&F

You've seen her before. She was a UFP and now she is a WIP. Well the fact is, she is a FP but I just can't show you yet. You know I will though.

I spent the good part of three days cleaning to the core my studio. Wished I had before pictures to show. Well, no I really don't. There is nothing more inspirational than a clean work space with everything put away, lurking and calling to come back out to play.

I sent an open shelf cabinet home with DD-I-L. That's what started the cleanup. I had to find a place out of sight to put those Doll Artisan magazines that I just can't part with. Now, between the cabinet and the corner I had stored for 20+ years several rolls of UFPs. Actually, they were LOPs, Left-Overs from Projects. I found a new home for them standing in the corner of my closet behind the clothes that I never wear. Out of sight and hiding like bad children. Sure enough, one roll began to call to me! "It's me, use me, you'll see, I'll be..."

Well, I retrieved the roll standing there in it's new home behind the clothes that I never wear. All I can say is, "perfect and you'll see".

So there you have it. From my clean-up, I found UnFinished Projects and Left Overs from Projects. I turned them into Works-In-Process and Finished Projects and somehow in my feeble brain that all relates to PP & F. Past, Present and Future.

Yes Future, I'm thinking about 2007 and will share...
More later,

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  1. A lovely piece! That's funny, I've been organizing and reorganizing in my space also. I wonder if the new year coming upon us is sort of telling us to start fresh.


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