Monday, December 04, 2006

OK I'm weird!

I've been tagged to tell 6 weird things about myself. This is hard because in my world, it's not me that is's everybody else. I'm pretty sure about this because Sally tagged me and the first 4 things on her list could have been about me.

1. I woke up this morning with my socks on. Is that weird? Nothing else was cold when I went to bed...if you get my drift...

2. How about this. I have this thing about the laundry being folded just so. Like the towels must be folded with the hem inside so the tag is on the inside. Fold in half and half again then tri-fold. And beware if they are not stacked perfectly with all those pretty folds looking at you when you open the cabinet. I'm that way about socks and underwear too. Which reminds me...

3. If I don't have a place for something new. I don't want it. Everything has to have a place in my house; however, it doesn't have to be in it's place at all times. Oh my gosh if you could see my studio which is the place for everything that doesn't have a place. And...

4. Don't give me anything that plugs in and call it a present. If you think I need it, give it to me but DO NOT wrap it up and pretend it is a Christmas or birthday present. I don't like things that plug in anyway sitting on my cabinets.

5. And speaking of Christmas. I probably have the weirdest Christmas tree of all of you. It's not a tree. My DH made this for me to my specifications many years ago. It is just 3 skinny triangles of steel rod welded. I put the garland and twinkle lights on and off every year. Each year I put something different on it. And it is really beautiful when the packages begin to fill up on the inside and spill out. This year Ashley and Timothy were totally in charge. Isn't it beautiful?

6. So I'm to number six. I ask Ashley if she could tell me something weird about her Nana. She said, "well, ummm, I think when you are painting and doing your Art and you scream really really loud that, 'I LOVE PAINTS AND PAINTING'...Nana, that's just a little weird." Oh, and that reminds, I have this place down behind my house. Remember I live in the country. When I am a bit or a lot upset about something and no one is at home, I walk down there and SCREAM. I think the emotion evaporates into the trees and there are special, very patient, anger fairies down there waiting for it. I don't know what they do with the emotion that I present but I know they are patient because this doesn't happen very often.

6a. So I ask my dear husband if he would tell me something weird about me. He said, "I'm not playing that game." He is pretty dang smart!

Oh dear, I have convinced myself...I AM WEIRD! I know where the Weird Fairies live and I'm going to tell you about that another day. They live in little houses. And I have one.

Now, I think I get to tag Michelle because I think she and I have some of the same weirdness.
And, Jeannie, because she is the one who inspired me to blog and she didn't even know it.
And, Soul Glo, because I sent her some "funk and flinch" one time and she did amazing things with it.
And, Terri, because I have a little ATC that she made.
And, Lilli, because she takes us on the neatest photo journeys on her blog.
And, One Crabapple, because she seems to be the neatest person and I love her comments.....Oh that reminds me...

6b. I just love getting comments. First, I look at my e-mail notification to see if I have any. I read them and save them. Then I immediately go to my blog and open up the comments and read them again. Yep, they are really there. I do this with the discovery of each new comment. Then, later in the day or the next day, I go to my blog and read the post as if I have never read it (Oh my gosh. I wrote this.) and then I open the comments and read them all. Again. I'm not going to admit how many time I might do this but it might be a good thing that I don't get 49 comments like some people....I don't think it is weird that, "I LOVE COMMENTS. "
More later,


  1. AAAAAaaaaaa !

    I Cry IMMUNITY !!!!

    I did this tag in July / August
    (at which time it was declared I have very little that is WEIRD about myself....laughing)

    Aaaand, I just got tagged by someone else.....and I forgot now WHO THAT WAS ! yikes.

    But anyway !

    I declared IMMUNITY THERE TOO !

    ...but yourrrrrr answers are really interesting. Are you seeing a specialist for any of this ...?

    Love, S.

  2. p.s. I will confess again tho about my towel thing. I have it too. I used to have to have them perfectly folded and all the same directions , etc. I had to learn give up control and perfection on some things when I was over my head in a caretaking tho...I still have to have certain towels next to eachother in the linen closet.....or it bugs me. I mean...the linen closet deposists of fresh towels is not RIGHT unless....the pink checked one is next to the floral one , followed by the .... you get the idea.

  3. OMG!!! My first REAL tag!!!
    I am so ready to post!
    ps...(send a little more funk my way! Babies sure take a lot of it! )

  4. OK one crabapple, immunity is granted. Now I must go back and find your july/august post. And the towel thing, I didn't even get into the way that have to be stacked by colors and the designated shelf for each group, etc.

  5. Okay I'm gonna try and play. I was tagged by Malou awhile back and never got around to penning my responses but this one I'll try. I am NOT going to ask my family for weird traits though. I'm sure there would be so many that my feelings would get hurt! :-) And your weirdnesses, I can totally appreciate those things and I would call one of them truly weird. I'm talking about the plugged in thing...I do not mind appliances as gifts!

  6. Lol at the towels but then I feel compelled to fold Kit Kat silver paper wrappers in a particular way or the experience is simply not complete. We all have our little foibles. ....

    And who doesn't LOVE comments?

  7. Love that tree! Funny answers!
    Have a great week.

  8. I'll have to think about this. Nothing weird about me comes to mind right now. I'll ask my hubby though. I'm sure HE'LL come up with a bunch :)

  9. Sharon, I LOVE your tree! I can imagine it filled with gifts. How clever and beautiful. Please post a photo when you get it filled up!
    LOL on the towel thing... I too place the nice folded side showing. And dare I admit that I have a sock drawer thing where they are all rolled and color coordinated. And my closet is also color coordinated. No, I better not get started on my weird things LOL I could be here all day...

  10. LOL! Sharon, I love this post. You have some great wierd quirks!!! smiles...

  11. LOL, Sharon, you are quite the quirky - if not weird- gal! Now, I'm gonna call you quirky and not weird 'cuz -- according to your post, I think we we're twins separated at birth! for example:
    1. My studio is definitely the place for things without a place --and at my house that's a LOT of stuff!!
    2. I have a screaming place, too -- (while driving my car) as a young girl I had a crying place near the neighbor's air conditioning unit. (I took my dog with me - a cocker who cried with me!) And as a collage student, I had a crying place -- on the steps of one of the buildings on campus. I've never had therapy for any of this -- maybe crying/screaming places are good for the psyche?
    3. I read the comments on my blog as often as you do and in the same way-- email's first. Of course, loving comments isn't weird.

    I'm dying to know where the Weird Fairies live. I'm jealous that you know and I don't -- and I want a little weird fairie house for sure!

    Thanks for responding with such a captivating list to my tag. You're the best.

  12. hi sharon,
    i found your blog through a mutal friend's - i wish i had some of #3 in me - that sounds like good weird to me :-)

    totally relate to #4 - i would love it if my counters were bare except for *pretties*; unfortunately one of the compromises i make to my husband is not protesting when he brings home a new mechanical or electrical gadget and wants to plug it in in a *convenient* drives me crazy!! but i cannot deprive my engineer husband of his fascinating toys :-)
    have a lovely day!

  13. hahahaha!! I love comments, too -- how fun!! These are fun to read :)


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