Sunday, December 10, 2006

Third (and last) Gift Journal

I can't show every page of this last gift journal because, well you know, sometimes Blogger just doesn't want me too. If you have just tuned in, I have now made three altered books to give as gifts. I have altered each page with a little inspiration just to give the recipient a little start. They will add their art and journaling.
This is one of the cards that I found Friday. It made a perfect pocket.
I apologize for the poor quality photos. You can see them a little better if you click on the photo. It will enlarge in another window.

Sometimes I use the removed pages to clean my brush. Sometimes I just feel like painting the page. That's what is going on here. I used the page to cut shapes and compose. like it.
Lady Ashley on tissue and some wings on tissue.
Envelope pocket page
Here is a little of, oh yes, tissue!!

We received a Christmas party invitation. I cut the text out of the center and made a border for this page.

Probably one of my favorite pages. The point here is: If my studio was cleaned up, I would have never thought to use this little fabric flamingo scrap on the page.
This is really cool. When I paint the pages, I use a piece of sandwich wrap behind each page. This tree trunk is from that overpainted paper.

Another envelope pocket. So there you have 17 of the 24 pages in this one. All that is left is the cover for this one. You know I will show when I get it done.

Well, I didn't get the mantle dusted or decorated. I went shopping, but didn't purchase anything. Oh my!
More later,


  1. Wow, Sharon! You're just so free with your art across the pages. It'll be so fun to journal on them :)

  2. These journals are just so great, so original and make perfect gifts. You might consider making similar ones available for sale at some stage :-)

  3. Beautiful! Love how you used all those little bits that someone would normally throw away ~ like creating that tree ~ gorgeous ART!
    Have a fabulous week! :)

  4. Absolutely fabulous gifts, Sharon!!! They are gorgeous!!! You are so creative with you techniques...smiles!

  5. Sharon, all these pages are so lovely. I especially like the tree trunk page and how it came about....I seem to have an attraction for all tree things.

  6. You got a knack for this stuff lady! WONDERFUL work!!!

  7. Gorgeous pages and I love the colors you've worked with. Lovely.

  8. I just love all of these journals and I could spend the next hour studying the layouts and art work...I love especially th one you did from the photo...she will be so tickled!


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