Tuesday, July 03, 2007

More Pooh

I want to Thank You for the birthday wishes. If I ever needed them, it was for this one. It means so much to me that you take the time to come see me but more than that, you left your wishes.
So thank you, thank you. Now, would you like to come over to my place tomorrow? I've got a day off and we could have an art party. I really really mean it. But let me know cause I need to clean off the table.

just click for a closer look-see on any of the pictures
Thought you might like to see some more Pooh pages. I'm loving painting these little honey pots and trees. You may recognize the path on this bottom picture. It is cut from a piece of scrap book paper. I used it on several pages. All the little frames on the pages have the top open so a photo can be slipped in. This little altered book journal has 37 page spreads and so I'm sure I will need to show you more. All I have left is to make a few tags for the pocket and the cover. I want to paint something on the cover but I'm waiting for a light bulb moment. Of course you may or may not know that means Norah's presence.
I'll be around tomorrow.
More later,


  1. Why yes I would love to come over and play....what shall we do? Art projects, have some tea, a glass of wine, perhaps all 3? Shall I bring supplies with me? I don't cook but I'd be happy to stop and pick up some goodies on my way. I pack up my supplies in a colorful tote and let you know when I am leaving! :)

  2. I'm at home trying to shake off a bug, but I'm starting to feel better and would enjoy some art a little later. Watercolour crayons at the ready......

    And the Pooh book is wonderful -who could resist?

  3. I'm absolutely in love with your Pooh pages!

  4. These pages are amazing. I can see you are truly enjoying the process and the joy it brings you will be magnified when the Mother-to-be receives this amazing gift. It's so fabulous. ~ Rella

    Oh, and would that I could come over and play...it would be glorious!!!

  5. Sharon, wow! What a beautiful and thoughtful idea - I adore these pages, your honey jars and the text behind the paint. Wow, what a great gift - and you've cut out the images so nicley, just as if they were painted on the page!

  6. Oh I missed your birthday!!! Well a belated happy birthday to ya. :)

    Love the pooh pages....so sweet!!!

    Oh and I wanted to let you know that I featured one of your wonderful handbags in the Etsy treasury I just snagged. I hope it brings lots of new eyes to your art. :)



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