Friday, July 06, 2007

Two Fridays

Sure feels like the second Friday for this week. It's OK, I live for Friday.
I'm sorry but I needed to show you more Trees, Honey pots and Poohs.
I wanted to share how I used some of the pages of one of the books to make pockets.

And notice that the tags on the right have little snippets of left over scraps glued down.

This half page on the right has a little slotted photo frame and the page flips over to another of the same but different color.
Some of the tags were the center punch of the frames. I just kept adding the leftovers back to the book.
Notice the little circle punched under the button on the top tag.

And here is my Trees, Honey Pot and Pooh.
Tim fishes with GP but he really doesn't want to touch.

This pocket was made from a slice of the cover of one book.

And then the frame was punched out from the other part of the cover.

And then the middle that was punched out of the frame became a tag for this pocket.

Pretty cool uh?
I don't have a Friday calendar doodle this week. But I'll be back with...
More later,


  1. What a fun, colorful "sunshiny" altered book!

  2. I followed a sprinkle of faery dust from Rella ~ I love this book - awhile back a friend of mine sent me a faery diary - I may just alter it as you have done.

  3. Sharon...I have missed commenting on your blog, but usually when I am blog surfing, I have an armful of baby love. :) First of all, Happy Belated Birthday!!! Loved your Rella/Fairy saga! And I adore what you have been creating with the Pooh book! Pooh was one of DS's favorites when he was little so he holds a dear place in our hearts. smiles...

  4. That book just makes me smile! nice fish as well!

  5. That will be such a nice gift! Very Very good work. The mommy is one lucky gal!

  6. I love this book and project so much, I am already planning one of my soon as I can find time!


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