Monday, July 30, 2007

Royal Mail

That's right. I received "Royal Mail" Friday. Makes me feel like a queen. Well I am the queen of tissue and my little box of Royal Mail from Chantal at She Who Flies......

was loaded with tissue and beautiful napkins and butterflies and feathers and just wonderful beautiful inspirational paper art supplies. Just so you know, I've already glued some of it down. I always used something know to break the spell of hoarding. Thank you Chantal so much.
Miz Smoochie Lips sent mail art....just because. Isn't that cool. If you haven't blogged over to her place, you must. Fun. This wonderful collage card which inspires me to do some .....

and I will in just a moment... I think I could really get into this mail art....I think it will be a perfect art-at-the-desk project.

Then right on cue, Saturday during my huge celebration, I received this from my mail art swap pard...none other than, eb. Along with a few treasures, we swap table scraps. You know those bits and pieces of left over little scraps that you just can't seem to toss. Look just above the blue "wish" square. Look real close and you will see a tiny blue feather (for the wingkeeper of course) and notice that it landed on the word "wishing". Guess I was.
DRUM ROLL....please...
I have been awarded the
Rockin Girl Blogger

Judy at Red Velvet passes on this honorable title. I am humbled and flattered. And please let me say, Judy's Visual Anthologies that she shares is something that you will only see at her blog. They are simply unbelievable to see and then she shares her mental, physical and spiritual process. A treat in store for you.

Now, I'm going to pass the Rockin Girl Blogger title to:


Miz Smoochie Lips



Tricia Scott

if you have already received this title, then you have been "kinged".

More later,



  1. woohooo you did have a lovely mail day!! And kudos for Rocking girl blog...rightly so. You go girl!!!
    Best ~ Rella

  2. Congrations on the blogger award.

    Isn't mail art fun? I'll be following along to see what you create.

    I too received a card from Smoochie, she's a gem. My card is on my blog if you want a look.


  3. So much magical mail you have there! I know you'll have fun doing mailart! It's fast, it's flat. It's simple :)
    Congratulations on your rockin' self!! And thank you for thinking so highly of me!

  4. oh wow! thank you so much for my award! i am just over the moon! thank you for thinking of me!

  5. sweet dreams


    winged wishes...

    rockin' wingkeeper!

    xox - eb.

  6. So glad you liked your little surprise package :-) Congratulations on receiving the Rockin Blogger Girl award and for passing it on to me. I'm so touched! And I'm in great company.


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