Sunday, July 08, 2007

Our Honey Pot

That's the name of the book.
And I promise I won't show anymore of the Pooh book.
This is it.
All done....
But I keep finding little things to add...
I can't stop myself.
So, I have decided to make a little packet of all the left over bits and pieces to include with this little gift. That way, Mom and Dad can have fun adding more while they write the story of their little honey pot.

It is sure enough chunky. I filled it up but there is still lots of places for the authors of Our Honey Pot to write the story.


Do notice the the blue board book handle sticking out. I did a tip-in with part of the little slide-out board book and it turned out so cute.


Next week I plan to scan and photo the rest of the book and put it in a set on my Flicker. I'll let you know when that's done. But for now, I'm switching gears and about to choose my next project.

More later,


  1. What a treasure........what an incredible amount of work you did. I can only imagine you are so ready for a new project. :)


  2. I am so glad you shared this it is a beautiful book!

  3. This is an amazing gift you have created...heart went in to this and I cannot imagine this not being received with anything but pure joy!

  4. I for one can't see enough photo's of this book in progress. I'm fascinated! It will be great to see them all together on Flicker.


  5. Your book is such an amazing gift for any mom!!! I would have flipped if I received something like that when my kids were little. I don't believe I ever saw something similar... You have put so much work in it!!! A treasure!

  6. Sharon.....this book is unbelievable! What a wonderful idea and piece of artwork! She will be THRILLED out of her gourd:D Oh the uhs and ahas you will get......I have never seen the altered book interpreted like this! Sooooooooooo Clever!!!!!


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