Friday, July 20, 2007


It's nothing. Really, it is the front and back of nothing.
But it is pretty cool nothing. Don't you think?

The fact is, I have nothing to show for the week. Now, you know I can't tell without showing.
I have nothing to tell either.
Just a nothing week.
That's something.

I'm going tomorrow to the Grapevine Rubber Stamp & Paper Arts Festival.
Hey, that's something.
Look for me I will be the one carrying this big She Bag.
More later,


  1. "Nothing" weeks are so needed sometimes! Hope you enjoyed yours. And this little nothing you showed us is much more than that really :-) Have fun at the arts festival!

  2. Oh Sharon, everything you do is something!!!! I am constantly amazed by how many absoulutly beautiful works of art you create in a week.
    P.S. Thanks for the kind comments on my work. I am working at many projects and will post as I go.

  3. Your nothing sure looks like something to me. I can't imagine you doing always are working on something wonderful! Enjoy your downtime!

  4. You will be so inspired after getting new goodies at the show. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  5. i love the big she bag...wishing that i would be at the show to see it in person...sometimes the nothingness leads to great outpourings of creativity...blessings, rebecca

  6. sometimes GREAT things begin as nothing! I happen to think they look quiet something! In fact there is never a time I look at even the simplest thing you create and think it's less than beautiful.
    Oh wait until they see that She Bag! I bet you were flooded with inquiries.

  7. What a great post! Thanks for the chuckle!!

    And I LOVE your She-Bag!!! Do you sell's WONDERFUL!!?

  8. I happen to like your little nothings. Actually, they are quite something! lol

  9. Cute post... I laughed. Hope you had fun at the event.

  10. I know now that 'nothing' can be good. I love those colors of nothing!

  11. Nothing is the brains way of clearing space for a new something...Thanks for the link to the show and I sure wish I was going, too! I could use some new stamps and inspiration as well.

  12. Nothing?! That's the coolest looking piece of nothing I've ever seen!
    And look at you goin' to town with the stencils on art. Way coollll...

  13. ^That was me...


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