Wednesday, July 25, 2007


My Garden Grows From My Heart
Yes, here is something.
It is for someone Special!
Can I tell you about that maybe on the coming weekend?
Reporting a great time last Saturday.
Filled my She Bag to the brim with new stamps and other finds.
Art Party tonight at my office. Our workshop gang will gather to play.
Will have something to show.....probably tomorrow.
More later,


  1. SOOO pretty! The special person is going to love it!

  2. Something is a bit of a nature girl I would think... one who loves flowers! Or maybe she's a flower fairy?

  3. Even when you say a piece is nothing I ALWAYS think it is SOMETHING...and when you say it is something...I think it is FANTASTIC!
    Lucky person who receives this!
    and oooh....what did the SheBag contain, sounds like you found lots of treasures. I'll be watching for my deliciousness!

  4. So now we see what has kept you locked away and so were creating up a storm!! What a lovely piece. It just makes me smile to look at it.l

    :) Rella

  5. (gasp)
    What amazing art!
    I was stopping by to thank you for your lovely comment on my post, and now I must thank you again.
    This is a beautiful treat.

  6. This is beautiful Sharon, I love the way you've done the flowers

  7. Lucky lucky recipient!!!
    Dont you get sick of me saying how stunning your art is???
    It's so serene.

  8. someone is going to be very excited to have this...blessings, rebecca

  9. I like the tilt of her head, like she is pondering something really deep! Those wings are so cute! A little goes a long way when flying...

  10. More beautiful work from you and Norah. Imagine that!

    Sure wish I could come over and play at your office!

  11. Oh yes, I love how you put the flowers in the dress; this is really lovely.

  12. Amazing "something." I especially like the texture of her hair.

  13. I meant to say in my comment...I'll be watching for THE deliciousness....not MY deliciousness. Just realized what I said.

  14. This is ssooo beautiful!!!! How do you do your faces??? Perfecto :))


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