Sunday, December 02, 2007

Four More


They do all have there own little personalities. I have to stop now. I will add a little text word...probably. They are 2 1/4" x 2 1/2 ".
More later,


  1. How wonderful they all look together!I was so hoping to come to visit before sleep to see more of your lovelies. What an amazing weekend of art you have had my dear friend.
    xo Rella

  2. Wow Sharon you're such a prolific artist, you must have a production line going. These little angels are gorgeous

  3. FABULOUS! I thought they were painted on stone style tiles at first ~ and then I thought how fun if you put them on tiles for like coasters or to be displayed on an easel.
    Are you going to add these to your ETSY?? I WANT ONE or TWO or THREE!
    Have a wonderful week.
    Sandy ;)

  4. Seeing them all together is just beautiful.

  5. What a beautiful collection. I'm glad you put the dimensions in there. I'd imagined something quite a bit larger. I think it is even more exciting that they are small with all that detail.


  6. I want them all... They really have their own personalities. So amazingly wonderful! Would you consider offering a collage sheet with them? Just for my selfish purposes... I could frame my journal pages with their beautiful faces and invent stories with them as characters, and paint dresses for them to wear...

  7. oh sharon...rebecca knows from wence you come...cre8tiva has pushed me to many new places of late...go to gerogetown...sellyour angels and your other art...people will buy...i am sure...unless they can't afford forth...or you will never ever know...go for it...blessings, rebecca with a little push from cre8tiva

  8. You're kidding right? I hope you screwed up your courage and went to the show. I'll bet they are all gone.I love the size!
    But I do understand. I never thought I could teach a class and the girls at the quilt shop back in MD talked me into it and it was just gettin over that first hump.(I have a fear of talking to groups of people) I loved it and continued to teach dollmaking. Last week I was approached to teach a stamping class and I said YES!
    suze :)

  9. Guess whoooos baaaack?! Yup, me. Had to come visit before bed to look in on the wee angels. I am thinking how lovely a complete little tree of these would be. Mixed with mauve and blue green, opalescent ball ornaments...and glittery, spiral twiggy things........and some gold, of course....sigh. Now I am imagining a fabulous little Christmas Faerie who would come in and do that for you...AND take it down!!!!

    One day down, four to go.
    xo Rella

  10. These are all so beautiful! I love each one of them... as they are each their own person. Where did you get the wood (forgive me if I missed this in one of the posts)? I love the collage elements that you used as well... but the painting is what completely wowed me as I'm just beginning my painting journey and am also very inspired by DJ. Have you ever taken a class with her? I really hope to some day but she doesn't have any plans to teach on the east coast any time soon.

    I can't wait to see more of your paintings!



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