Sunday, December 02, 2007

More Angels

Angels Angels and More Angels....

OK, so, I told you that I would tell you. But first, I confess that I have snatched the idea of painting pretty little angel faces on little pieces of wood from one of my and your pettitt

Decision...decision...decison. That was on the top of my list this week end. That's the part that I want to tell about. I do believe that it is all of Norah's doings and she if very brave sometimes and much more gutsy than myself. You see, she has pushed me into thinking that I can do this thing that I am going to tell you about and I, Me, Sharon must decide today once-and-for-all that I can do it. Or that I can find a whole lot of excuses not to do.

Back in September or October when I got the new supply of great canvases, I (with norah's pushing) had this great idea that I would... no... that if I could paint up all these canvases, that I would take them to the December Georgetown Second Saturday event which happens next Saturday. Well, I didn't get all the canvases painted. But I did get a few. And now there are all sort of Christmas parties scheduled that I didn't know about at the time that I set this goal. And now the fact of the matter is I AM A CHICKEN....

The fact of the matter is that I have sorted it all out and I don't really want to know that nobody in Georgetown would want to buy my art. I just don't think I want to know that. Besides that, I want to keep it all for myself. Nevertheless, all these little angels which I am having such fun painting and will turn into ornaments will go with me for sale....if I go.

The weekend is not over yet.....
More later,

ps...these are pretty quick and I'm practicing for an "ugly betty painting event" ;0)


  1. I see there are more.....I just want to sit amongst them all and take it all in. Are you just loving this project? I feel that you are. It's coming through the monitor that this is total love.
    Are they 4x4 on wood? I can't stand it.

    xox Rella

  2. Oh my dear Sharon...I wish you would have listened more to Norah...these paintings are SO lovely! Such a peaceful energy to them. When the time is right, you should take these out in the world and sell them. I think you will be surprised how quickly they will be snapped up! They're amazingly gorgeous!!! :-)

  3. I know if I was wandering around that Saturday affair, I'd snatch up that top center angel so fast and give her a lovely new home.

  4. I know I just read this but I'm still trying to digest the fact that you have doubts about your paintings! I can't imagine anyone not liking them! You are one of the people who I look up to when it comes to art. I don't paint because I know I couldn't do it as good as you!

  5. Boy did you hit the nail on the head! I never heard it put that way before, but I feel the same way too when entering a show or sale.....not wanting to know that no one wants to buy my artwork:D.....LOL The angels are fabulous and I am sure you sold them all! Hope you had a great week-end and that every angel found a new home:D

  6. Just listen to Norah... When two of you collaborate, good things happen. I can understand your fears, but I can't imagine that your art can leave people indifferent. We'll be cheering for you next Saturday! I know that you'll return home happy.

  7. oh i just stumbled acrossyour know that fun blog surfing thing a person can do...your angels are awesome!

    I am so inpsired..i need to get those paint brushes out and paint something....and yes yes..DJ is one of my favorite artists around!

  8. All of these are so divine!!!


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