Sunday, February 15, 2009

Breath now

Behind Shadows
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This is not necessarily what I thought I was going to do yesterday when I showed her. I just knew there was more to be done.
I spent some time looking for words to add. And then I started getting a message about not forcing "words" just for the sake of words. She was telling me that when standing in shadows words are secrets for only those who join her behind the shadows.
I do really really like it and I don't know maybe what I did wasn't all that dramatic of a change. But I knew It wasn't finished even though I could have stopped. I was thinking maybe that was the point that I might sign it and then have that nagging question of "what's the point" that sometimes, a lot of times, nearly always, I am left with after a painting. That question is really beginning to annoy me. I thought maybe I need to push it a little more; go deeper; paint another level; add another layer of texture; paint a painting on top of a painting. Does any of this make any sense?
So I did. And I didn't get the "what's the point?" question. She is demur and intriguing and holding secrets behind shadows.
Is it what you expected?


  1. it make great sense to me...every time i pass your painting i smile...i have missed you...happy valentines day a little late...rebecca

  2. On Sharon, she is phenomenal (my new word, apparently). I love the tatoo effects. How did you create the halo around her head? Stencils?

  3. You are a brave woman! To put paint OVER a beautiful face is not easy. I applaud you for following your inner voice (it was Norah, right?). You gave her another layer, some mystery and whole story without words. Pretty amazing! xo

  4. I loved the painting yesterday and I love it even more today. The textures is magnificent! And I like how you listened to you 'inner voice'.


  5. Oh, Yes, she is breath taking even more now, I love the halo effect, it was done with your plastic doillie right?

    I can only find the paper ones but sometimes they still work good as a stencil...

  6. Yes, all that makes perfect sense to me and I love love love what you did to complete her. GREAT!

  7. You have a word and a mantra for 2008 but none for 2009...She is enough but is she complete? Only you can decide but we can embrace her before she is ready in your eyes!

  8. She is transformed, and mysterious. Love it.

  9. Sharon,

    I too thought you must have used that plastic doily again. You sure are getting a lot of use out of it. The painting is wonderful.


  10. Breath taking. Your inner voice guided you well!

  11. ah! she's gorgeous! ... perfect just like this ....

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  13. I'm so happy you transformed her from somewhat ordinary to an extremely compelling and powerful persona... Bravo!

    Robin A.

  14. OMG. It's really wonderful.

  15. The finished piece is wonderful. It is actually not what I expected, the use of the rust color surprised me - I thought you'd go more to the white range.

    Never know what Norah has on her mind, she just keeps us guessing.


  16. blow me away! You are one of the most prolific artists I have ever known! WOW, you are sooooo inspiring:D

  17. I know you understand that inner building of excitement when you see certain art work. This is the feeling one gets when viewing this painting. Of course I had know idea what you would do, but what you did is go to that high level of
    breath taking. I did sort of gasp when I saw it tis morning. I hope you have that feeling of not being able to stop looking at this lovely piece of work.

    I am so mad, as years ago my Mother-in-law had so many plastic doilys
    it made your head spin and I hated them, but I do remember staring at the designs in them with interest.
    They of course were tossed with many other things I could use now in this creating process of collage. Emelie

  18. This is lovely Sharon, the lacy design makes her very alluring. Great colours too.

  19. I completely understand what you mean about forcing words. I am so in love with words in artwork, I can be guilty of forcing them. I would love to know how you made her halo/aura...just beautiful!

  20. Sometimes we all tend to over think and miss what's right there in front of us. I think everything you paint holds a message and perhaps it's different for each pair of eyes, the message is always clear nonetheless!

  21. Your work is so very beautiful.

  22. This is lovely...just perfect to me. Love Ya, Mary

  23. Hi Sharon. Thanks for stopping by. I do know the grrl dog site. It's been awhile since I stopped in, but I love her site. I think I'll have to go visit. I love this piece with all the layers and details. It's nice and intricate. The actual texture and suggested texture really lend itself well.

  24. Hi Sharon - she is BEAUTIFUL there in the shadows!!

    And I SO get your question - when I'm in the midst of it, I just "go with the flow" but after I'm finished there is a strange feeling - a "what's the point" feeling.

    Maybe there is no point - other than to create what wants to be created. Then we can send it out into the world. =)

    Donna P.

  25. Beautiful. Different. Special.
    Love her more than before...

    ps. Come to my blog I am having an art box giveaway. See you there!

  26. WOW

    Yes you made sense

    You are Growing



  27. She is AMAZING

    Can You See Who You Are ?




    and a little bit


  28. She is very pretty. I love all of the texture on the canvas...but then I love to see everything you do.

  29. The question hit me today, and now I read the blogs and see, what is the point? I worked on that today as I worked on an adult with children that are newspsper, and worked several hours cutting delicate circles to mask a design,
    took effort to have it not a snow flake. So the point is I want something new on the wall that feels good and keeps the eye busy.
    The point is also that it might be fun, and Sharon teaches so well.
    Of course one has to know when to leave things alone, when it is done, hard for me.
    Comments help thanks I read them again. Emelie

    PS. it is onbly paint helps a lot also, paint and canvas or paper, and not to be afraid to use ones
    best additions.

  30. I am back again to see the doily pattern...It adds so much to the painting, too!

  31. beautiful, just beautiful ! I am amazed by the beauty of your paintings. Have a great weekend ! Mona


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