Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Silly Girl

I wanted to tell the story of Silly Girl but then when I try to put in into words, it makes no sense, or rather it seems silly. So I will just leave this silly girl feeding the wooden birds with you. But I really did see a yellow bird at my window while painting her face. That was before I knew there would be yellow birds to feed. I thought she would be feeding chickens.
Here is something I have been meaning to tell you about.
Just click here to check it out.
Yep, me again.
I am thrilled to have an article published in the premier issue of
Somerset Apprentice
which will be available on March 1st.
Here is what Somerset says,
"Our new publication Somerset Apprentice is a much more basic
and thorough understanding of techniques geared toward people who aspire to make
Somerset-esque art but need to learn the fundamentals through easy-to-understand instructions and close-up photos. Somerset Apprentice will focus on the basic
how to's of amazing artwork."
Can't wait to see it.


  1. Woo Hoo.....good for you. Can't wait to see it.

  2. COngratulations!

    love the Silly girl and birds...

  3. Silly girl is absolutely darling! Her expression make me smile. She doesn't care if it's silly or not... just doing what she feels like doing. Very cool! Congratulations on being published again! Can't wait to see it.

  4. Looked. Ordered. I'm not a Silly Girl (although I love your's). I'm getting a copy of that magazine!


  5. Yippee!! I'll be looking for the new Somerset mag! :)

    And you just arrived in my email in the QA newsletter. You go girl!! ;)

  6. Sharon, This painting is wonderful. It is one of my top favorites of yours...I do so love the silly girl AND the birds!! Will definitely get the magazine for my growing "allnorahsart" collection!!! Pat

  7. I love the 'silly girl' painting, and Congrats on being published AGAIN! Can't wait to see the mag.


  8. I like this piece a lot. Love the little birds amidst all the white. Congratulations on being published in Somerset Apprentice!

  9. Great news on the mag! I'll have to check it out :)

  10. Congrats again! I have not heard of this new publication. I love all the Sommerset books. Can't wait to see it. Today was very hectic here with storms & tornadoes. I didn't get a thing done. Silly girl is what I needed before hitting the sack.

  11. Sharon I love this white piece and those cute wooden birds...great title.

    Congratulations on being in Somerset Apprentice, look forward to seeing your article.

    Today I was checking out the online Embellish by CPS and it had a link to your article...did you see it?

  12. I saw this on Stampington's site, Sharon....congratulations! Great work!

  13. Sharon,

    This is awesome, I can not wait to see. The excerpt of the magazine looked great.

    The Silly girl is very nice, anytime their are birds around I love it even more.


  14. Goodness I am bursting with thrills of wonderful creations looking at your work. The women have a certain peace about them and the beauty of the work gave me not peace at all. I saw your work first in "Cloth Paper Scissors" and motivation was so strong I could not sleep for two nights thinking of the work and then to visit the blog for the first time
    was amazing.

    I have learned a lot and study hard not the composttion so much and that also of course, but the
    way to get things to pop and be dynamic yet serene.

    I read you work hard at collage and it is a medium that can so as slick and easy as can be and then I can just have a brain of stone.

    Thanks for all the generous info.
    Thanks for getting imagination flowing.

  15. Wowza! My friend in a PREMIER issue of a Stampington mag!!! You just keep movin' on up!! I'm so-o-o-o excited for you. Can't wait to see it.

  16. We love what you do! Now and then others get to see how wonderful you are...
    Silly girl is so good! Hugs, Mary


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