Sunday, February 22, 2009

Morning Sunshine

Good Morning,
Just in case you thought I was sitting on my duff doing nothing, here is a little in-progress from yesterday.
I made a movie with my new Flip to show you just exactly how this was painted.
I am afraid it is so long that I will have to charge admission. It's good; however, being my first attempt, I am having to learn all about the editing and I guess I thought that part would go a little faster.
So here is the plan. I'll be back later today to show you what's next with her. That should be fast and take little or no editing so wish me luck with that.
Oh, by the way, this is painted on cardboard. FUN. And inspired by Mystele at Little Glimpses Studio.
Expect me back,


  1. HI Sharon, OH this one is just . . . luminous. Your textures are so elegant and subtle. I will look forward to your video too!


  2. I'm standing in line with my ticket just waiting on the film! I love the faces you paint so learning anything about your technique will be fantastic!

  3. sharon, thank you for this cyber hug! i feel like i've been visited by the president! cardboard rocks!

    also, do you realize that you are one of two people (other- jen from noodles and lou) who made me aware of sketching with paint rather than filling in a sketch? i'm hooked. almost everytime i try to go the traditional route, i get tense and frustrated. so thank you for helping this one-track mind see a different track to get on!

  4. This is all so beguiling - filming what you did, as well as creating the artwork; I am stupified.

  5. How exciting - looking forward to it.
    guess what my word verification is...

  6. I thought of you last night as I watched the Acadamy Awards, when looking at the women, they way their hair was around the face in
    a way that is simple yet so elegant, I could see your paintings. So beautiful, so alive with light and shadow. Such lips,
    I must practice. Even brown paper bags of good to paint on. Cardboard works and so does cardstock. Don't you love the word paint?


  7. Her eyes are so mesmerizing. I am under her spell. Fabulous!

  8. Can't wait for the movie. My cardboard attempts always wrinkled. Did you gesso first?

    Ok, Ok, I know - its in the movie.


  9. She's nice!! Wish you were Paper Cowgirl'in with us!!

  10. This is lovely, I am crazy about the color. I have done my house in some of these colors...
    You do things that I only dream of doing. Hugs, Mary

  11. Exciting...I can't wait to see you paint. I was thinking of naming my muse Sharon :)

  12. I like everything about this one..the colors, the textures, the pensive expression on her face. Very nice, as usual!


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