Thursday, February 26, 2009

Movie Day

Good morning,
Please forgive me while I just practice a little with You Tubing. All of your comments yesterday just fed my ego. And I had not even heard the birds singing and chirping in the background until mentioned in comments. So, when listening to the birdbox, turn up the sound all the way. The box faces tress that are full of all kinds of happy birds in the early morning. So the sound track is provided by them.

Today's movie is in three parts. My original plan was to string it together into one move. But, more fun this way.

Just in case there some new-to-blogging folks, just click on the arrow in the middle of the frame and wait for the movie to start. They are short and it shouldn't take too long if you are on a high speed internet connection. Otherwise, you might have to wait a little.

Expect more from the birdbox tomorrow,


  1. I was so facinated I held my breath, I have slow down load in the sticks here with dial-up so had to hold it a long time.

    I have never been jealous of a plastic doily but of course I am now. I have to cut intricate snowflakes and use a little spray starch to keep them in place on the painting.

    I have to say I was stunned when you wiped it all off, but this is better watching than TV movie because I am so facinated and interested and so full of admiration of your work I tell everyone I see to go look and enjoy the beauty of what you are offering.

    Can hardly wait to see part II

    Thank you Sharon, Emelie

  2. Very cool. I am going to have to get me a plastic doily somewhere. Thanks for sharing your technique.

  3. Norah,
    I was holding my breath too, not because I have a slow connection, but because it was so beautiful.
    You are a great artist. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  4. Very cool, Sharon!!! Love the doily--now for the plastic doily search. I want to get a little camera and you said you got the Flip. Do you have it on a stand- up tripod beside you or on the table next to you? You did a great job!

  5. WOWZA! Like the other women commented, I was holding my breath and each time you lifted the doily the anticipation was exciting! I really need to try this - it looks like so much fun! i loved hearing your voice finally!

  6. Sharon, Thankyou for explaining how to view this (stupid person, me). It looks so good and I will re-watch it WITH SOUND when dear husband has gone to bed!

  7. Thanks for the videos. Each time you wiped it off I said, "no!" Then I saw you were so right at the end. Isn't that always the way?
    I've been experimenting with a few plastic doilys and a mat I picked up at some thrift stores. I used bigger spray bottles, so it didn't look great. Thought the little misters would clog. Do they clean up alright?

  8. Oh this wasa fab tutorial, lovely to see how you work. Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. I like the videos. I also like seeing that if you weren't where you wanted, you wiped it off! So cool to see AND the result was great.

  10. Oh, I loved the videos, like the others said, I was holding my breath when you picked up the doily...and the end result was amazing.....thnak for sharing..

  11. This was fabulous!!! I loved hearing your voice, your accent... AND I love seeing you work. It's really interesting how you were able to get such various looks with that - my fave being the last one.
    I hope you are planning to do more of these video tutorials or videorials (I made that up).
    I have a new video camera and hope soon to play by doing a "live" blog post!
    Keep 'em coming !!!

  12. Sharon,

    I loved the videos. I'm going looking for plastic doilies this weekend!

    Hope you continue the video's ...inspiring! Also, love the bird song. Show us more of where you live!

  13. Oh, I loved watching this! To watch the process you go through, making so-called "mistakes", but really just finding a better/nicer choice---it encourages me! Thank you. Keep going with the You Tubing. Blessings,


  14. I am so glad I came back today, I thought I would see more tomorrow.

    So interesting, and learning about wiping off I have not tried that,
    I did hunt in the house and find a better mister one with a fine mist.

    I see the colors that look nicest are the red/rust colors, I tried blue and was not as happy with it.

    I also havce a bunch of string doilies and this evening I will dampen one and lay it on the painting and see how that works.

    I also liked the last choice the best, I was wondering if a net bag would gave the veil effect on a painting from a hat? One could glue dots on the mesh also for the look of the old dressy hats.

    The videos are done so professionally and your voice is just right also, even if the viewer is ready to jump up and down I can remain calm.

    Again a thank you, Emelie

    I know nothing of blogging by the way.

  15. Sharon, I've been under the weather the last few weeks, so have missed all this fabulousness...until now. I LOVE the videos, love the painting with doily, love the bird house and it's tenants, and gosh, so love the birds singing and YOUR voice! Takes me back home!!!
    More videos, more everything....if you please. Thanks, Pat

  16. Sharon - great teaching video,you do make it look so easy. I was just holding my breath with everyone else each time you went to lift the doily. It is amazing what difference the position makes.
    Glad you are enjoying the doily.
    Brenda from Arkansas

  17. Love it!! I've always wanted you to show us how you use the plastic doilies.

    My MIL goes to auctions as much as possible and takes our requests. I'm going to put plastic doilies on her list. :)

    I was shocked when you wiped it off.

    I love the halo area around the edge of the doily.

    Love it all!!

  18. Sharon,

    Oh I love that you are doing videos now. It was fun to hear your voice. I have those misters too but haven't used it that way. Oh no one more idea to try. I loved seeing the different steps too. I love that you can just wipe it away if you don't like it.


  19. What a joy to sit down on my day off to catch up with my favourite bloggers to find you have started videos!! It was lovely to hear your voice. And I just have to say - what a cute accent!! I agree with Norah, pt 3 version was very mysterious and exotic. Look forward to more vids I hope. I've learned a new technique - never thought to spray with a mask. I've just painted over it stencil style but now I am seeing possibilities....

  20. Your artwork is always stunning. I'm just amazed at how generous you are with your talent and time too. Thank you so much for making and sharing the video's.


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  22. Sharon, you are already a pro at making videos. The ones you have made are fascinating. I enjoyed them so much.

    I have an old napkin holder, which holds my phone books, that I got at a yard sale. It is a metal frame with a plastic doily laced to each side with a ribbon. I guess I'm going to have to dismantle it and try your technique. Very pretty. :)

  23. Sharon, your videos are wonderful! I love the plastic doile technique-thank you for sharing!

  24. catching up...First I love the Bird nursery...I felt like I was there. I wanted to see right into the hole, there they were. Delightful!
    Hearing your voice was very special. And then to watch you do this was so wonderful. I learned something new and that is a gift.
    Your, Mary

  25. I love your painting,Sharon. It ended up looking so exotic.


  26. Loving the videos! Keep em' coming.
    Just hearing your voice I feel I really know you better...isn't that funny.
    Have a great weekend.

  27. Thanks so much for doing videos! I love actually seeing you in action....and this technique is great.

  28. That was awesome! Thank you SO much for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us. Your art is truly inspiring. Also next time you have a napkin exchange I'd LOVE to be a part of it. =)


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