Thursday, February 12, 2009

I am

I am who I am. I am just no good at this exercise. It was the journal prompt that Misty Mawn suggested. Of course I want to play but ...but...I find it very hard to say who I am. A quick pencil sketch-at-the-desk is who I am. And so I glued it down to a page that I had already prepped a bit in my Junk Paper Journal. Then I glued the blue stuff down. Love that stuff. It's a secret ingredient that was in my art-at-the-desk sack.

I expect I better get back to work.


  1. Hi Sharon,
    I like it very much! Your sketch has a energy and the blue stuff is just COOL!


  2. Now I want to know what the blue stuff is of course.

    I like the page, like the pencil sketch.


  3. I love this - it looks so spontaneous. And WHAT, please, is THE BLUE STUFF?

  4. I continue to be stimulated by your lovely work the depth, movement, design the impression that I am left with lasts a long time, that long time has nothing to do with how often I come back
    to study eyes, hands, body direction, that sort of thing.
    your words are very helpful also.

    I so love the girl with the flamingos, I love her mouth, her hair, the most darling coat that is perfect, not to mention her hand.

    As I was walking on the sidewalk today on a tiny bit of new fallen snow, I noticed the great patterns left from the shoes. I wanted to cut soles from shoes and use them for stamps, or I suppose I could walk on my paper first. Then to clean off the shoe.

    I must go look at blue stuff.


  5. I also have trouble with this prompt. And I give up...what is the blue stuff? You know I need to know!

  6. I love when sketches are added to painted/collaged backgrounds. This is quite lovely. xo

  7. I know who you are: a Phenomenal Woman, that's who. I have someting for you on my blog, and you don;t even have to pass it on,
    Happy Valentine's Day,


  8. Try this...
    1. Work improvisationally... don't plan at all.
    2. Just put yourself in the back of your mind and then forget all about it.
    3. Work fast, really fast.
    4. If you get stuck, work other-handed.
    5. Tell yourself that you don't have to blog it or show it to anybody.
    6. Oh, yah, remind yourself that it's only paint.

    Might help??? Robin A.


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