Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hold your breath

OK, I wanted to show you this because I really really like it. And I'm hoping you can click on it and see all the wonderful texture as I have tried to leave it large. Texture is what I was inspired and challenged to try this weekend. I have always liked texture but we just keep smoothing and smoothing and blending and blending. This texture was allowed to dry and was all ready for me this morning.

But here the deal. I'm showing you because I think or I feel that I am about to do something drastic to this painting that I really really like. OK, it's just paint ......right?

Expect a difference,

ps it is a 10 X 20 canvas


  1. I LIKES a buxom wench with a saucy dress strap...låt henne våra! ( let her be, lol!)

  2. PLEASE DON'T DO ANYTHING TO THIS - IT IS PERFECT !! I have been playing with miniscule texture today, and what you have achieved is so bold, and so brave (sorry, amateur speaking, but I just LOVW WHAT YOU HAVE DONE).

  3. P.S. ... and I can't spell either !

  4. Yes, I was able to enlarge the picture and the textures are just beautiful!! One of my favorites from you!!!

  5. Very nice Sharon. I love the texture, it's fantastic. I saw you were being published in Somerset Apprentice. I'm waiting for that. I also love your previous posts. It's been hard to catch up lately and your always so prolific!

  6. FAB-U-Lous! Can't wait to see hwat you do to it---but it sure is great like it is!

  7. I love the texture of the painting, it gives it an "aura" feeling to said you are going to do more to it, well, everyhting you do is awesome so i can't wait to see..

  8. I'll be jumping back to the computer for the rest of the day to see what drastic thing you want to do to this gorgeous painting... Sand it so that you lose the texture? Just kidding, I know you won't do that. But what????? Can't wait to see.

  9. Sharon,
    It is AWESOME! I did enlarge it and I do LOVE the texture, the expression, the colors . . .
    I love all of it, can't imagine that it could get any better but I will also be checking back with curiosity.


  10. Go for it!!! YES, it IS only paint!

    Not that it isn't fabulous and lovely the way it is... but I believe in letting little Robin make a mess and do what she's compelled to do. So I say... do it!

    Pat sent me over here. Yay!

    Robin A.

  11. really beautiful sharon, look forward to seeing what else you add to it xx

  12. Love it - but I know how talented you are so I'm sure I'll love it if you do something else to it as well.


  13. It is gorgeous, I cannot wait to see what else you will do to her. Don't you just love playing with the paint? I know I've screwed up a couple of pieces by "playing" too much with them...

  14. Sharon,

    It was great enlarged and all the texture was amazing. It must be spectacular in person.


  15. Wonderful texture Sharon. Nice painting....the way it is and I know whatever Norah tells you to do with it,it will still be fabulous. I love texture... and don't forget that you can always add some texture by adding bees wax.
    Now...about that blue stuff?

  16. Great texture Sharon, I love this page... interested to see what you and Norah have planned!

  17. Just gorgeous! I love the strap falling down and her expression and the softness of the colors and the textures...shoot, I like everything about it! Great job!

    I have a really hard time painting textures too. I started out tole painting where you blend until everything is smooth. Now, I tend to overblend everything. I love texure and I'm getting better at leaving a little. Maybe soon I'll leave a lot. :)

    Have a great Sunday! I'll be checking back to see what you add to Lady Blue.

  18. So lovely and the texture is fabulous!
    Can't wait to see what happens next.


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