Sunday, March 22, 2009

Part Four and Five

At last, the final two session of my Painting a Face videos. I painted her from start to finish in 46 minutes and I didn't stop the camera. I now know that editing youtubable (my word) segments would be easier if I had stopped the camera several times. I'm sorry that sometimes I seem to mumble. Crank up your sound. And sometimes I totally zone out especially in part five. Which, by the way, is when she really comes alive. I love that you are enjoying. I love to share and inspire.

She ended up like this and should be familiar to you. She left here as a piece of mail art in a most "stupendous" way.

More art this week.


Expect it.

For real.

Video too.

Never made it to the think tank.




  1. Oh, she came out so beautifully and I just love her eyes! I'm feeling a tad defeated because I will never have the talent I see in your work and in the works of others. It is simply stunning!

  2. had an absolute blast watching these. i learned something new about using my brushes, too. thank you! these were a real relaxing treat for me after the show this weekend. everything went so well, and i am totally pumped about the future! keep these videos coming!

  3. Thank you Sharon, I really enjoyed watching you created. Wow you are so talented.
    Again thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Laura.
    She loves lovely.

  4. Thanks you so much! I am ready to give it try but I have a pretty major project I am working on ... don't need to get distracted. As soon as I am done though, I am pulling out my paints!

  5. SO appreciate these videos and am learning so much from watching you work! Thank you for doing this! I feel dumb asking, but what is "mail art"?

  6. It was really amazing to watch you painting and watch her come to life..I enjoyed it very much...I hope you will do more, even though I can't draw or sketch, there was something soothing about watching your hands do magic on the canvas..

  7. I enjoyed this so much and I just love the way she turned out. Thanks you so much for sharing and I am looking forward to more---and I am going to try it again.

  8. Love watching these but boohooo, I can't get part 5 to work. It says the video is no longer available! Wahhhhhh :(

  9. I reloaded and the video worked this time! Great stuff! Thanks for letting us in on your process!

  10. My goodness you are uber talented!! Such a pleasure to watch you working. Thanks so much for sharing.

  11. I loved, loved, loved watching you paint and learned so much.
    I am making needle felted cats right now...commissions that have to be finished in two weeks.
    I feel like playing hooky and trying my hand at some of the things I learned from your video.

  12. Sharon,

    This was wonderful to see. As you know I am always asking for details. What shade is that green you are using. I learned quite a bit watching you. I guess it time to start using my angle brush, and using matte medium over pencil was something I have not seen before, what a great idea. Thanks for sharing this.


  13. I finaly got to watc the last two videos, learned so much, saw clearly there is a fine line in looseness and detail, one has to have both working in the mind to create a lovely face, I have to understand completely that a symetrical face is not important as no ones face is the same on each side. Knowing it and practicing it seem difficult for me. Also to be satisfied with what I have done and let it be, I can do that with some discipline.

    You brought a fond memory of when I had this darling child in a watercolor class, how she used her fingers a lot in her blending.

    I have learned so much, and I have to be thankful for what I learned so far and be happy with practice, there is more to learn, because what fun would it be to know everything and not have something to look forward to.

    Thank you, I feel blessed to have found your art and your blog.


  14. Amazing videos. Thank you so much for sharing. I look forward to seeing more of you. Your work is very inspiring. I will definitely be painting this weekend. And a personal question, how on earth do you manage to paint wearing a white shirt? You should see the paint covered apron I use!

  15. Very nice Sharon! I loved watching you work, it was very inspiring and I enjoyed seeing a portrait done in a different way.


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