Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Too many Roosters

Good morning, (afternoon)
I have too many roosters! I happen to catch them preening and crowing early the other morning as I looked out my kitchen window and wanted to share.

I have a lot of news. Some of it more that you wish to know but it will explain my silence. Maybe. I'll be as brief as possible.

First of all, as of last Monday, my dear husband's 90 year old Mother is living with us. Actually, she lived alone much longer than she should have and so it's time. When you are 90 years old and find yourself away from home and familiar surroundings, you may become very disoriented. She has. Therefore, even though she had been living alone, we cannot leave her alone now. Our routine has changed. Some mornings, I'm staying with her and then come to the office and switch with my dh at noon. This means my blogging-from-the-desk time has been greatly diminished.

The other thing which should be temporary is MY INTERNET SERVICE AT HOME HAS CRASHED. Yes, this disturbs me and I was screaming indeed. It is the service not my computer and hopefully tomorrow, Monday, something will be done about that. In the meantime, because I am so addicted to emails, comments, and blogging, I am at the office on Sunday afternoon to catch up a little.

I will tell you that (without internet) my house is cleaner and I'm amazed at the time I have to do those things and obviously the time I have devoted to internet. But I don't care. I hope it gets fixed tomorrow. It makes me happy.

I won't manage to get around to say hi and thank you and see what your doing for a while but just know that I love hearing from all of you and it warms my heart to read from Kate and Aida that they have made Tree Flags. And hearing from Painter girl that she made the soup and her husband thought is might be the best she ever made....well I'm still smiling. I so appreciate ever single comment always always always. Especially now. If any of you have found yourself with a 90 year old mother in law.....any tips you have will be wonderful.

Expect a great week ahead,


  1. My 85 year old dad just moved in with my sister and her husband. I have to say, I really admire people who are able to open their homes to their aging parents, and take on that responsibility. You're awesome!!
    Enjoy your time with her,

  2. My mom is 72, and wants to sometimes move to Swednen...but stay in NJ with the rest of the clan...I share your experience and hope that it makes both of us STRONGER!

  3. Any similarities to her normal routine when she was at her own home will be helpful as well as having some of her things (knick knack and such) around for her to see. If she is able to get around easily any activity will help too -
    if she had a garden to go for a walk or any hobbies that she used to do....
    Also make sure she gets good sleep as when confused they sometimes don't sleep well and it will be worse if she gets her days and nights mixed up...
    God Bless you!!!!

  4. It's a wonderful and caring thing that you're doing. It can be a very difficult road to take. Good luck to you and your hubby.

    I've been practicing doing some tree flags. I'm a bit awkward with painting but really want to learn. Your instructions are great and I think I'm getting the hang of it.


  5. Sharon,

    I love the roosters pic, they look like a nice bunch of boys. Good luck with the new journey with you mother in law. I applaud you for taking on this responsibility.

    I made 2 more tree flags and they are now hanging in my trees. Pictures on my blog. I am so happy to have learned how to do these.


  6. Oh Sharon,
    Mark could give you tips I am sure on dealing with an in-law. He was soooo patient with my Grandpa and some nights seemed like they would last forever and now what I'd give for just 5 minutes. This too will pass - enjoy it as best you can and remember to escape to the garden and talk with the birds.

    My folks as well have too many roosters, although they don't fair well outside the pens as yours do. A.E. is trying to talk her Papa into another run to the Country Store for more chicks (or to Petsco for another kitty. SO far he is holding back, but that may change after March Madness :)

    love, Kris-10

  7. I think it's great that you are taking care of your mother-in-law and God will bless you for it! I watched your video on making tree spirits and loved it. Can't wait to try making them!

  8. Hi Sharon,
    Goodness, you sure have alot going on. I will be thinking of you and wishing you patience endurance for all your situations. I understand about the addiction--I have that one too...but it makes me happy too :)

  9. I think that since you are southern, I can say, "bless your heart", right? :)

    Well done!

    HUGE bummer about the lack of internet. That makes me really grumpy.

  10. Sharon, I just sent you an email, but wanted to tell you again, that you are in my thoughts...take care of YOURSELF also. Pat

  11. Other than "been there, done that" ... that's all I can say, but I can send you {{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}!

  12. Takiing care of your mother-in-law when she needs it is something you will never regret. YOu'll be at peace knowing you did eeverything you could for her.

  13. Awww, you are stacking up some good karma my friend. My Mom is 90 and lives in another State. So far still living alone. I try to fly up to see her when I can and am in contact with her daily.

    Hope your connection gets fixed today. I often wonder how I got along with out it.


  14. Well Sharon, I am going to tell you more than you probably want to know. My younger sister had my mother move in after the birth of her 1st child. That was 22 years ago! My mother (she is very controlling always has been) is now in her early 90's and she has never liked my sister's husband! They live in a very tiny house all four (another child born a couple of years after the 1st)of them and one dog! No where to escape! Well, I wont blog on here about the funny stuff. But my sister has had her hands full for quite some time. She can't get my mother to take a vacation because my mother feels she can't leave her doctor, etc. Anyway, God bless you for having your mother - in - law! It is not easy and I admire you for taking this on! I have to say God bless my sister too for that matter! LOL!

  15. Sharon,
    Last year my 84 yr. old father in law came to live with us because his health began to fail rapidly. Let me say, right up front, that he was my favorite person I've ever known, the father I never had, a hilarious, loving, amazing man, my husband's life-long best friend and a war hero to boot. I worshipped him. I was glad he lived with us, but it was so stressful, in a way no one can understand, if they have never done such a thing. He was with us 10 months and then he died. While he lived with us, we were not parents, we were not a married couple, I did not hold up my end in friendships, and I was not much of a teacher. Art? please. But I cherish that time as one of the most blessed times in my life because I got to care for the most remarkable man I ever knew. I miss him; I wish here were with us still, though our lives were not our own. I'd give anything to watch just one more episode of Gunsmoke with him.

  16. Dear Sharon, It is wonderful that you are taking on such a task of caring for your MIL...When I moved to Florida from NC in 04, I moved in with my boyfriend(we are married now)and he already was caring for his mother but she was getting more confused all the time so I was the caregiver and a lot of times it was very hard, she didn't want to accept that she needed help so she would try to do things on her own and have accidents...She finally got use to be doing for her and getting in the shower with her and she would carry on about how good it felt to have me wash her hair and scrub up down...lol...and it helped my hubby keep his promise to not put her in a home...She died last aug. at age 92 and She had a full life..

    God will bless you, i know for doing this selfless thing...Just try to get lots of rest and breaks when you can.

  17. Sharon, I didn't know you had your MIL with you. How wonderful. I think the advice that Alberta and Ava and Dragonlady had sum it up pretty well from my experience with my MIL, who was dying of cancer when we kept her. You will be glad you did this and your husband will forever thank you. Surely, the Lord will reward you for it, too.

  18. Too many roosters = too funny
    No internet service = too trying
    Taking care of MIL = priceless


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