Thursday, September 10, 2015

Clues to the Buggy Project

Day Five

After putting off this challenge a couple of days, I went for it.
I tried to photograph the buggy from my sketching perspective.

I tried is all I can say.

RE:  The Buggy Project
In my head, I'm always way ahead of real time. 
Sometimes, "in my head" is a real problem too.

I'm not sure when I'll get around to the Buggy Project but My Little Dog approves so far.
Or maybe he is thinking, "what's the big deal?"
I know I made a mistake of letting him think I needed up close and personal help from him. 

could be a clue to The Buggy Project
A Couple of days before I started my morning sketching and in the comfort of the late night chair zone, I sketched the buggy from the one "in my head".
The one in my head sure was a lot easier than the one in real life.

Day Six

I walked around the Garden Palace looking for sketching inspiration. 
That I had a hard time finding something says more than you know. 
So I chose a pine cone from the basket.

I must get the One Hundred Faces on the wall because they are a huge distraction on the desk. 

After this pine cone affair, I think my truth is being reaffirmed. 
Have you any idea what it is?

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  1. seriously, the buggy is *good*! i'm impressed! and pine cones - the very idea of sketching one makes me shiver!

    is your truth that you'd rather draw made up stuff? my truth is very close to that.



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