Friday, July 27, 2007

Dragon Gift

My friend Susan gifted me with this beautiful Dragon. She found him perfectly preserved and thought of me.


Do you know Zorana? Well, she invited me to an art swap and
Chrysti invited her and Deb Silva at Creatively Amused started is all.

Then I invited Ro Bruhn.

It is the "Out of the Blue" Art Party.
Anyway, I'm afraid I didn't follow the rules. I have a hard time with rules when it comes to art. Well actually, I don't. It's Norah's fault. She's the one who has a hard time with rules. For one thing, we went over the date and secondly, I think it was suppose to be an ATC or 4 X 4 or postcard size.


My swap art is 6 X 6. I did a transparency transfer of my gifted dragon on this one and on the one from the previous post, I used a transparency transfer from my garden.


I will be sending one to Zorana and one to Ro. I will let it be a surprise who gets which. Then, when they receive it, they might wish to show you again.


Gotta work now and besides that I just received mail art and art package. Haven't opened it yet and now I just have to go and do that.

More later,



  1. so glad you didn't folow the's beautiful...blessings, rebecca

  2. I just participated in my first mail art and it was SO fun to do! I am also one that does not follow the rules, but then is not me who does it, but " them that shall not be named," lol!
    That is quite a lovely dragonfly and I hope to see her again...meanwhile, could I see the robin's egg blue eggs again? I miss them!

  3. I didn't know there were any rules. lol Your paintings are so soft and beautiful. Just found your blog from Red Velvet. Hope to come back.

  4. I don't think the Mail Out of the Blue Party comes with rules... Maybe Norah is pulling your leg, trying to make you feel like you didn't follow the guidelines? She seems bold enough to do that :-) Anyway, I took part in the Mail Out of the Blue Party thing a while ago and it was a lot of fun! Glad you got that little package :-)
    P.S: beautiful collage by the way!

  5. That dang Norah! she is always goofing around with me. She keeps me from focusing on this desk stuff, she stuffs my art-to-go to distract me from this desk stuff, I don't get around to half the things she dreams up. Makes me stay up several hours past my bed time. Gets me so tired.

  6. I am HORRIBLE at following goes against my nature...come to think of it I don't do well with deadlines either. Is it a blessing or a curse? Perhaps I, too, have an alter ego.
    Anyway I am amazed with that's perfect and leave it to you (or was it Norah?) to find a way to add in your art.
    Have a great weekend!

  7. This one is great too Sharon, I'm so glad I'm the recipient of one of these, I love them both.

  8. That is a great dragonfly! Wonderful project to. Nita


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