Monday, July 09, 2007

Soup of the Day

There is so much to tell that I don't know where to begin.
Sometimes everything just all comes together.
And amazes me.

So first, I made some paper. Why? Well, I wanted to make a loose journal and did not want to use that expensive watercolor paper that I'm hoarding a little stash of.

Second, my birthday present from Susan was wrapped with this really cool paper and was big. I carefully unwrapped it. She knew and I knew I would do something with it.

Then, do you remember last fall when I ask for some of your bits and pieces of leftover wrapping paper? That inspiration didn't pan out but has been simmering ever since.

Now I have been "lurking" in the net out there on the inter here and here.
Pattie Van Dorin nor Mary Ann even knows of my presence. You just have to go and see for your self. I have been influenced, to say the least.

That brings me back to my paper project. All I did was Mod Podge two of the gift wrap papers together, gessoed, stamped with bubble wrap, stenciled, etc. and wa-la!

Wonderful Journal Paper. Then I tore it into 8 X 10 inch pages. It has a wonderful torn edge and I stamped and stencilled some more on it.

The first thing I did was use my "Ashley" stamp on a page.

Being Vintage myself, I have a little box of vintage school pictures from my very own education. I have wanted to do something forever with them. The little vintage, blue cardboard box (that greeting cards came in) was sitting right there at arms length full of my youthful past. So I did it. I grabbed one of my long lost friends out of the box and using Pattie's inspiration I grabbed a bit of wallpaper that Sandy sent me and made this journal page about my friend Margie. I now have a direction to go in with my box of youthful past.

While lurking in the net at those places that I already told you about, I was referred to this stencil tutorial.

Preparing the image to cut out is much like I did for the "Ashley" stamp.

So here is a journal page with my first cut stencil of my Melissa.

Do you see or did I show and tell how all the back burner projects converged like soup in one big pot?
It's crazy and excites me and I am now after only cutting one stencil addicted to it ....

More later,

Thank you Susan for the present with the pretty paper. It is on the 2nd and 3rd page above.

And thank you Judy for the beautiful gift wrap. It is on the 1st and 4th page. I have more paper that I will be using just as soon as I can stir this soup.


  1. You little Minx you!! such fabulousness with your paper stash. I can't wait to see more.
    ...eagerley awaiting ~ Rella

  2. Gosh, talk about resourceful. You have done such a great job, the pages are wonderful and there is so much to view. Thanks for sharing the process too.

  3. What a wonderful thing to do to gift wrap! ..and those links...ah, loving it!

  4. This looks like it was great fun! Love all the images, colors, and especially love how you plan to use your pages........

  5. Beautiful paper! Love all the colors and how clever of you to use bubblewrap to stamp with ~ have to admit that I've never thought of that before ~ hehehe.
    Have a great day.

  6. OMG!! I am sooooooooo loving your new blog banner!!!!!!!!! It's the best.

    wooohooooo ~ Rella

  7. We must be on the same wave length Sharon, I was visiting Mary Ann's site for nearly an hour today, what fabulous jounals she makes. I love yours too.

  8. Had to come back and comment on your NEW BLOG HEADER! LOVELY!!!

  9. Great idea using the gift wrap to make journal pages. Love it and also the colors used in the page with your friend Margie's school pic. Are you going to keep your journal pages loose or do you plan to bind them in the future?

  10. These are ultra fabulouso! Love 'em!!!!

  11. I just had to laugh out loud at the saving o' the wrapping paper! My friend Jeanette and I are the most meticulous wrappers, using only the minimalist amount of tape and NEVER securing the gift in the middle of the paper! You should see the looks we get from spouses and friends that watch us, but oh the extremes we paper lovers go to!

  12. Love the Journal ! inspiring!

    heyyy, you linked me ! and I recognize a wee bit o'red wallpaper there.....GOOD USE !

    Love, S.


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