Monday, October 15, 2007

Dream through the windows

Dream through the windows of soul and spirit
I really do like it when I can come home and still have a little after 5 energy.
Sometimes my excitement just drains me...I guess. Because I always have after office
plans to paint or just play ART in general.
Then, I get home and hear the couch calling my name.
Today, I just needed to add the words and paint her hand. After having studied on it all day at-the-desk, I knew just what I would do to finish.
"Dream through the windows of soul and spirit." I guess it doesn't matter if it makes no sense. It is a place to go where you look out through yourself and see your dreams.
Tell me what it might mean to you. Want you?
More later,


  1. Here is my most favorite expression that always makes Mr. Jim do the 'one eyebrow raise' (that I cannot do)
    HOLY MOLY!! I love this!!
    What it means to me:

    When you dream through the windows of your soul and spirit you let go of the need to control and allow yourself to be open to the quiet voice of soul and spirit.

    Your work is so touching.
    xo Rella
    ps the stars must be aligned tonight, I also had creative energy when I got home. VERY unusual.

  2. My grandmother used to look out of the window and when I asked her what she was looking at, she told me everything and nothing. I often catch myself looking out of my kitchen window at "nothing"...a tree, maybe a deer and once a moose. You never know what you will see when you look hard enough. I am normally looking for peace and or inspiration.

  3. Beautiful work yet again. So serene!

  4. You have been a busy artful girl.I love this piece.I should have sent you that whole package of rose napkins. I love what you do with them.Most of my dreaming is done while I'm awake. When I sleep I have the weirdest dreams.
    xo Suze

  5. Here I am back again take another look and leave a note. I visit every night...sometimes I'm here quietly soaking it in...but always here.

    xo Rella

  6. "Dream through the windows of soul and spirit" ...gorgeous quote.

    For me, esp when I look at your art, I see it as a window to your soul and spirit (the art that is...) so much of it comes from the subconscious which also controls our just comes flowing out...and in your case, it is beautiful! Did that make sense? LOL! In my head, it did.

  7. It's an excellent quote! after all, that's where our dreams are born, silly lady! lol Happy Wednesday!

  8. it means that you let go of all your false hopes and just see the real true amazing self that you were meant to be...beautiful...blessings, rebecca

  9. THIS PIECE IS TOTALLY BEAUTIFUL...I want to see it in person, touch it and hold all the joy in my hands that it brings to my heart when gazing upon it...BEAUTIFUL INDEED!

  10. This is so gorgeous Sharon! Great colors and marvelous quote. I think it implies don't be afraid to want what you can only see from a distance and aren't a part of...yet! :-)

  11. Sharon..this is gorgeous! Your artwork is always such an inspiration to others. I love the way that the girl's "enlarged" head is coming out the window. To me, it symbolizes a "reaching out" to those things that one appreciates or wants to achieve. The colors in this are so soft and calming..a perfect accent to the expression that you quoted. Beautiful!!

  12. YOU ARE GREAT, my dear!!!! I have been drooling over your work for 15 minutes and cannot wait to get one of your skinny book pages...just amazing....
    The Altered Chica (Kim Bartlett) :)


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